Thursday, June 12, 2014


Disclaimer: I know, it's been a ridiculous amount of time since I've 2 years. And it's been a crazy, full, stretching two years at that!  I'm attempting to pick this back up, but since my time is fully invested in two very busy little boys, I know it will be sporadic.

I'm in a stage of life where every day I am bone tired when I finally crash into bed.

My life consists of little choices. 

Should I allow the magazine to be shredded by my 11 month old so I can empty the dishwasher without him splashing in the water and pulling the bottom out or should I rescue it and deal with consequences? Goodbye, magazine.  

Should I try to work out while the boys nap so I don't have to go in the evening when I can barely move OR should I check off my to do list OR should I rest?  Today- exercise, should have gone with rest since the kids decided to wake up early and I didn't get to finish anyway. Oh well!

Is it possible to walk from the counter to the sink with an 11 month old holding onto my legs without knocking him over so I can set the dishes in there before I pick him? NOPE.

Do I save the crock pot from it's certain death or touch my baby with raw meat hands?  Goodbye, crock pot. 

Should I rescue my 3 year old from the train track destroyer or finish putting the laundry in the dryer in peace?  Three year old rescued. Clean, wet laundry all over floor.

In case you haven't guessed, I have a very busy 11 month old.  One who seems to find cords and plugs accidentally left out or uncovered, who always spots an open bathroom door, much to the toilet paper's chagrin, who climbs tables and figured out how to move the pack n play {with ease} currently blocking our stairs since our baby gate didn't work there.  We often say he's got the knack.  lol.

And despite the fact that I rarely sit down and that little Henry always seems to get into just about everything and I am tired, really tired by the end of each day, he also brings with him so much joy.  He is enthusiastic about EVERYTHING he does.  He does it with gusto and noise and a great big mess!  He is so happy, smiley and cuddly.  And even in the craziness, I can often find myself laughing at him and sharing in the joy he has over pulling out ALL the shoes again and again.  It's been hitting me lately that the truth is, I also have choices about my attitude.  I can choose to have humility, to serve and to clean up after littles ones again and again with a loving, kind heart or I can gripe. I often don't make the right choice, but it's been such a good reminder that no matter what I am doing, I am to work at it with all my heart as serving the Lord and in that, even the seemingly most insignificant things have meaning. 

I am so thankful to the Lord for this second little boy He gave us and for the love and sweetness {and even busyness} he brings to my days.  Since this is Henry's blog debut, here's the little cutie post nap.  

And an updated picture for big brother too... our tender-hearted, fun, creative 3 year old!

Until next time {which will hopefully occur before Thomas goes to kindergarten....}

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