Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a bit sentimental...

I've been thinking a lot about the next steps in our life- what it will be like after dental school.  It's seemed like such a long season and we are finally coming to the end.  James is in his last year.  In May he will be a dentist and that also means that our time in Louisville is most likely running short.

When we moved here, I just knew I'd never miss this place. I didn't miss Richmond, KY where we spent the first year of our marriage at all and I just felt the same way about here.  It was last on our list of where we wanted to be and for the first year or two James was busy and I was so lonely.  But the Lord has a funny way of working and this place has something that just grows on you.  It's not the location really because we all know I'd love to be closer to the beach.  It's not the weather because I honestly don't really like snow at all.  It's not even the town itself, although there are some pretty awesome places to eat around here and some amazing parks.  It's the people.

To me, people are always what really make a place.  

And there are some pretty amazing ones in Louisville.

 We've managed to find a church full of people that we love and leadership we respect, a community group that has changed a lot through the last 3 years and is still awesome, neighbors that I don't know how I would get through those occasional long stay at home mom days without, dental school friends, and some others who we've met randomly or reconnected with.  People make all the difference.

At some point in the last year, Louisville finally started to feel like home and now the thought of leaving it at the end of this year makes me pretty sad. I didn't think that the Lord could change my heart so much about this place.  I didn't think that He would bring so many wonderful relationships into our lives during this season of school.  I just thought we would "survive" here and move on.  But what I forgot is that the Lord always provides for His children.  He doesn't call you someplace and just leave you there hoping you'll survive.  He's already a million steps ahead of what you're thinking and wondering and He's got your best in mind.

Our time in Louisville is one of those places, one of those stones of remembrance, that will always remind me how the Lord has taken care of us, how the Lord provides for his children.  It is so evident in our time here in so many ways that I haven't even mentioned.  And when we come to times when we aren't sure what the Lord is doing or why something is happening, we'll be able to remember- God got us through before.  He didn't leave and He didn't waver in his provision.  He always came through at just the right time.  And He blessed us much more than we were ever expecting.

ps- An 18 month post of the bean will be coming soon!

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  1. this is beautiful!

    so glad you are one of the "people" God has used to help make Louisville feel like home to me.