Sunday, June 24, 2012

15 months

Our little bean is officially 15 months old {as of 6 days ago}.

chewing on his fingers because his molars are coming in....

"Mama, do you see that airplane?"

Trying to get the camera

a few curls are coming in!

Dear Thomas,

The last few months have been such a joy to spend with you!  You've become such a little boy in so many ways.  You drink from a cup, you eat what we eat, you walk and climb and are starting to run. 

Your love of books grows by the day and you are always happy to climb up into the lap of a willing reader.  You love to point out people in pictures- in fact, you love to point at everything, waiting for me to tell you, "yes, there's a tree" for the millionth time.  Everything is exciting and new to you. You love playing outside, anything with wheels and music.  Sometimes the only thing that calms you down in the car is the "Wheels on the Bus" Pandora station.  It's not good enough to listen to Mama's music, you prefer the kid stuff.

Noises are very interesting to you, especially animal sounds.  You roar like a tiger, moo like a cow, meow {which comes out in a high pitched bee-bow} like a cat, sign your own sign for hop when you see a bunny rabbit, neigh like a horse, "trumpet" like an elephant and raise your hand like it's trunk, and pinch like a crab.  You constantly copy what we do, especially your daddy and are starting to say the first sounds of lots of the words we say.  You know how to follow lots of directions {though you also know how to look right at Mama and NOT follow a direction}, including throwing your own diaper away which you are always very proud of.  You clap when anyone says yay and you sign more, all done, help, and please all the time.  You love to wave bye- bye and are starting to say it occasionally while waving.  After nap, we take your paci into you room and you throw it into your crib and wave bye-bye to it.  The paci is one nighttime/ nap habit that is going to be hard to break!

Your very favorite song right now is "the wheels on the bus" and you know all the motions.  I'm honestly hoping you move on from the obsession sooner rather than later as I sing it a million times a day. When you do the motions for wheels, I know exactly what you want.  Lately, you have been matching things that we find in books with the things in our house- you see a star in a book and point to the star on our wall or you see a dump truck and get up to get your dump truck!  You never cease to amaze me at how smart you are!  You are constantly learning new things I didn't know you could do. You can point to your hair, ears, mouth, nose, eyes, cheeks, teeth, belly, fingers, toes, feet and knees.

You are still a little bit of a picky eater, but are starting to do a better job of eating what I cook at dinner time!  You are willing to put almost anything into your mouth once, but as soon as you decide you don't like it, out it goes.  You love all kinds of fruit and are on a big oatmeal kick at breakfast.  Your Daddy and I can't eat anything anymore without you getting a bite of it {or five!}, which resulted in your first taste of Daddy's pop tart the other morning! You were hooked :(

You certainly aren't all perfect, little one.  You have your share of crying fits and defiance, but for the most part you are such an easy and happy child. We are so blessed that God entrusted you to us and we pray daily that you would come to love and serve him at an early age! 

You, Thomas, are my favorite little boy and I'm excited to see what the next few months bring!



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  1. He is our favorite little boy too! We love you dearly, Thomas!