Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mama Lou

It's not until I became a mother that I realized all that my mother did for me, all that she gave and worked and never rested.  It's not until I became a mother that I really understood her amazing patience, her unwavering love, her reliance on prayer, her sweet generosity. 

Her job is never done, though all her children are grown and married- she still works, pouring herself out into the next generation of her children's children and yet still taking time for her own.  Our children {and future children} have their Oma and she is just as tender, loving and patient with them- full of fun, adventure, kisses and laughter, full of love.  She goes out of her way {quite literally} to spend time with them, teach them new things, read them the same book over and over again, play with them and tell them how special they are to her.  

There is no way to say enough to bless her for that which she has done over the years and what she continues to do. 

Mama- I am so thankful that you are my mom, my friend and my mentor.  Thank you for teaching me through your actions how to be a wonderful mother.  I love you so much and hope today you were reminded of how special you are to us!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the one time i wish i paid more attention in art history class....

We spent the other day at the Louvre with Dad while Mom watched Thomas.  It's free the first Sunday of every month so we had to wait in an hour long line, but it was a really neat experience and worth the time it took!  It most definitely would have been a NIGHTMARE with the bean, so we were glad he could get a little Oma time :).  

Here's a fun little fact--The museum is HUGE {it used to be King Louis the 14th's palace}! In fact if you stood at every work of art in the place for only 3 seconds, it would take you 3 months to see the whole thing! We just saw some of the highlights {including the Mona Lisa} and after a few hours were quite exhausted.