Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thomas' month in iphone pictures

He is really obsessed with reading right now and is constantly bringing me books and trying to climb into my lap throughout the day! I love it!

Steering wheel at the park-- he basically camps out here!

Usually Thomas sleeps on his belly with his bottom in the air and his arms tucked under him....guess he was trying out something new :)  The flash did not even make him flinch.

Bundled up for a walk on one of our chillier days this month

HAT HAIR from walk :)

training him to love Starbucks early :)

Waiting to board the plane from Atlanta to home to see Daddy!!!  We were purposely the LAST ones on the plane after boarding the first time before everyone else!  I learned quickly that walking around the airport was much better than trying make him sit for 20 extra minutes while everyone else was walking by us!

Reading with Daddy 

surveying the much mulch, so little time to try to eat it all! 

Cozy Coupe tune-up.  Yes, he climbed under there for no reason all on his own. Yes, the entire car lifted to fit him underneath it and yes, he got stuck and was quite upset about it when he realized.  Thankfully, he was rescued by his daddy...after a quick picture of course!  

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  1. I love these pictures~ what a sweetheart! Keep them coming. :)