Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter at Nana's

We spent the Saturday before Easter in NKY at my mother-in-laws house!  The meal was fantastic- She made a delicious ham dinner with several yummy sides and homemade carrot cake :) She and {Aunt} Sara also spoiled Thomas with an Easter basket full of yogurt bites and other baby treats, including these cute bunny ears and eggs!

Aunt Sara and her boyfriend, Matt, entertained the bean with some tunes on the guitar:)  He was also really enjoying climbing the stairs since we don't have any here at home and seeing their dog, Ginger!  

I think for some odd reason, both my family and James' have a thing for pictures in the same thing??  Here's a link to the old post of my fam in Christmas sweater attire {if you missed it before} and here is EVERYBODY wearing Thomas' bunny ears....well, everyone besides the dog, that is!

aunt sara


Matt, Sara's boyfriend

Uncle Bill


Scot, Nana's boyfriend
We had a great time and are thankful for family living so close!


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