Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thomas' month in iphone pictures

He is really obsessed with reading right now and is constantly bringing me books and trying to climb into my lap throughout the day! I love it!

Steering wheel at the park-- he basically camps out here!

Usually Thomas sleeps on his belly with his bottom in the air and his arms tucked under him....guess he was trying out something new :)  The flash did not even make him flinch.

Bundled up for a walk on one of our chillier days this month

HAT HAIR from walk :)

training him to love Starbucks early :)

Waiting to board the plane from Atlanta to home to see Daddy!!!  We were purposely the LAST ones on the plane after boarding the first time before everyone else!  I learned quickly that walking around the airport was much better than trying make him sit for 20 extra minutes while everyone else was walking by us!

Reading with Daddy 

surveying the much mulch, so little time to try to eat it all! 

Cozy Coupe tune-up.  Yes, he climbed under there for no reason all on his own. Yes, the entire car lifted to fit him underneath it and yes, he got stuck and was quite upset about it when he realized.  Thankfully, he was rescued by his daddy...after a quick picture of course!  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter at Nana's

We spent the Saturday before Easter in NKY at my mother-in-laws house!  The meal was fantastic- She made a delicious ham dinner with several yummy sides and homemade carrot cake :) She and {Aunt} Sara also spoiled Thomas with an Easter basket full of yogurt bites and other baby treats, including these cute bunny ears and eggs!

Aunt Sara and her boyfriend, Matt, entertained the bean with some tunes on the guitar:)  He was also really enjoying climbing the stairs since we don't have any here at home and seeing their dog, Ginger!  

I think for some odd reason, both my family and James' have a thing for pictures in the same thing??  Here's a link to the old post of my fam in Christmas sweater attire {if you missed it before} and here is EVERYBODY wearing Thomas' bunny ears....well, everyone besides the dog, that is!

aunt sara


Matt, Sara's boyfriend

Uncle Bill


Scot, Nana's boyfriend
We had a great time and are thankful for family living so close!


Monday, April 23, 2012

cupcakes, monsters and family

After our time in Atlanta, we headed up to SC to see my Grandma, Jami and Lauren before heading back home.  We enjoyed a fun lunch at my Grandma's house where Thomas enjoyed playing with her dog, Missy!  He just loves dogs :)  I wish I had taken some pictures, but regretfully left my camera in the car.  

After lunch, we headed back to Jami and Lauren's house to let Thomas nap and to hang out for the evening.  Aunt Lauren made Thomas some super yummy cupcakes for his birthday!  This time he knew exactly what to do with it and he wasn't shy at all.  He dug right in :)

{Thanks to Jami for the cupcake eating pictures!}

licking it IS the easier way to eat it after all...

"See what I got, dad?"

Thomas also got his birthday present from Aunt Lauren and Uncle Jami while we were there with the most creative "monster" wrapping :)  He was pretty excited about it!!

SO cute and funny!

"Look, I have a mustache!!"

"Hurry up and open that airplane, Dad!"

Thanks Jami and Lauren for the fun stay and great food!  You guys are so hospitable and we love you! We'll have to stay a little bit longer next time....that is if you can handle having us!! :)


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kate, part 2

Here are a few more pictures from our trip to meet little Ms. Kate...

We were attempting a cousin picture, but Thomas hasn't earned the title of "gentle" quite yet, so I thought it would be best to position them far apart.  It seemed like a good idea until Thomas looked right at Kate and poked her right in the eye before any of us could stop him.  Yea, not so gentle :)  Haha.  

So, in a brave move, we decided to put them closer together and Thomas just snuggled right into Kate's little warm body.... it was ADORABLE!

He put his head down on hers all on his own....snuggly cousins!

sweet new family of three :)

My little ham- he enjoyed playing with the baby stuff! especially the buttons on the swing :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meeting Kate

We've been to Atlanta twice to see my sweet niece and her parents since I last posted! Life and Thomas are keeping me too busy to write!  But I have lots of pictures from the last month, so I thought I'd better get going...

Isn't she just the sweetest thing??? We love her SO much!

Our sweet, sweet boy!

Happy Uncle

Beautiful Mama and Baby!  Jen looks so great!  You wouldn't even know she has a newborn!!

The girls

Being silly with Thomas' "toys"- aka mixing bowls
I've got some other great photos from our trip and our stay in SC coming soon!