Friday, February 3, 2012


We are loving the weather lately and praising God for warmth and sunshine.  I don't know where winter is, but I hope it never comes!  

We've been out and about taking walks, playing outside with friends and enjoying the swings.  Thomas LOVES to swing, even though half the time he doesn't look like he's having a good time, he cries whenever I take him out of it.  I think he would sit there all afternoon if I let him! :)

By the way, our little 10 month old is officially walking, too!  Thomas has taken several steps on his own and is getting more and more steady.  I think he is still afraid of falling since it is hard to coax him off of something to step to you, but I know his confidence will come with time. Right now, he's still pretty attached to cruising one-handed or walking holding one hand.  I went to the consignment shop yesterday and picked up some Nike shoes-  right now, he wears a 4, but I found some Stride Rite 4.5s so I bought those too, so he can grow into them.  I got both pair for under $5!! Sweet.  Thomas is having a little bit of a hard time getting used to shoes, but we're working on it.  He has already figured out that the are quite noisy when he kicks his feet against something :)


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