Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

James is in school for the day, but Thomas and I got to go meet him for a long lunch to celebrate the day! We had a delicious meal until Thomas gagged twice and puked up all of his carrots, pancake and cheese....It was all over him, the table and his high chair.  Oh the joys of mama-hood.  And it was the first time at a restaurant that I thought, "ok, we have GOT TO GO!" 

Thankfully, I had an extra outfit in the bag so that I could change him--and we got things pretty much cleaned up with the help of lots of extra napkins from the waiter.  

Regardless, we were happy to see James and spend a little time out and about!

don't you just love that little smile??

Tonight, after the bean is in bed, we are planning to have a little at home date, too, so that should be nice and relaxing! :)  

Happy Valentines Day, friends!  If you're reading this, chances are we probably love you and hope your day is vomit free and full of happiness and love!!


ps- i'll be back for a big Thomas update in a few days when the bean turns 11 months.  What??? We almost have a 1 year old???  HOLY SMOKES.  I guess I should probably start thinking about a party!

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