Monday, February 20, 2012

11 months

this is what thomas does with his arm when he walks :) it's so funny!

Dear Thomas,

I can hardly believe it's been 11 months since that crazy day last spring when you came into our lives.  You are almost one and that is just incredibly shocking to me--I'm sure next month will include a very sappy post, but since for now your still a baby, I'll try to keep it lighthearted!  

I'm being honest when I say that the months just keep getting better and better.  You are so much fun to be around right now.  It's not that you don't have faults--your personality and sin nature are definitely coming out and  are keeping us on our toes daily, BUT most of the time you are so good-natured  and so fun!  

This month so many things have changed in you!  You started officially walking and two days later began traditionally crawling!  What?  Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?  Not for you, silly one.  You use crawling mostly as an avenue to get to your feet or to get somewhere that you think is too far for you to walk without falling.  You'd currently rather take the most safe way to get somewhere {ie- constantly being able to hold on to something} even if it means walking all the way around the room instead of just across it.  I think you get that trait from your dad considering he wears safety glasses when he drills even the smallest hole in the wall :)  Along with your newfound modes of transportation, you are now into pretty much everything.  Your curious spirit is interested in the funniest things.  You love when I open the laundry closet, you adore our recycling bin and the plastics inside, you can't get enough of the dishwasher and you strangely enjoy the vacuum cleaner--shrieking and wanting to touch it when I bring it out.  Though you are not destructive {most of the time}, you love to touch, open, pull on and get into our entire house.  We've installed many baby proofing devices this month and have more on our list to get done...

You love reading right now, which makes me so happy!  You used to spend all your time swatting and eating the books and now you will actually sit and listen to me read before nap or while we're playing on the floor.  You do have your favorite books {mostly animal or singing ones} and will promptly dismiss one you don't like to look for a more interesting one.  We've read the same books so many times that I have them memorized!

Unfortunately, you've had a lot of poor naps this month due to sickness, teething {you have all 4 central incisors now and are getting your upper laterals} and the ability to stand in your crib...I'm hoping the novelty of this passes quickly so we can get back to easy sleeping!

Lately, Thomas, you are completely glued to my side!  If I walk out of your sight for the shortest amount of time, you don't like it.  I can often hear your little patter down the hallway when I walk to the bathroom or to your room.  It does make me happy that you want to be with me so much, but it also makes the housework much harder to do.  

You are so playful right now--you love games- this little piggy, anything involving tickling and peekaboo are some of your favorites.  You think it's so funny to stand behind me "hiding" and giggling while I look for you and ask where you are!  It's the cutest thing. And you love to "wake" us up if we lay on the floor and pretend to snore.  You giggle with delight when we come out of our slumber and give you a little tickle.  You enjoy singing songs, clapping and "dancing" to any music you hear.  Most of all, you just smile at me all the time-which makes me smile right back!

This month you have become the pickiest eater!  Seriously!  I'm at a loss as to what to feed you because one day you like it and the next you refuse to open your mouth or even touch it.  What's a mama to do?  It's making grocery shopping quite difficult and I'm hoping you'll grow out of this quickly!  For now, yogurt and puffs seem to always suffice, but who knows what next week will bring??

Most of all, Bean, you bring such joy to our household and we are so thankful to God for you!  Being a parent is such a daunting task, but we are learning that the best thing we can do as parents is to follow the Lord, to be in His word and praying to Him.   I know that your Daddy and I won't be perfect {we already haven't been}, but we are trusting God to give us the grace to be exactly what you need as you grow, to teach you the things you need to know to become a man, to love you and show you how to live this life immersed in God's Word and filled with the Holy Spirit.  We are your parents because God gave you to us and we are overjoyed at such a wonderful blessing!!

Happy 11 months, little one.  Let's slow down time a little this month, so you don't grow up too quickly, ok??


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  1. Love this, so sweet! I made it to the last paragraph before crying haha. Aiden is a picky eater, though didn't start being picky until much later. I know how hard it is to second guess everything you put in front of seems insane that he ate it yesterday and now looks at it like it is poison. Keep your head up and know it won't last forever. My sweet husband survived on grilled cheese and cheerios for three years, and now he eats almost everything! I try to remind myself of that on the hard days :)