Sunday, January 22, 2012

hot coffee

I was discussing with James recently that I cannot remember the last time I finished a cup of coffee before it was cold.  Honestly--it just never happens anymore!  I pour my mug full each morning with the best of intentions to sit and enjoy it while Thomas quietly plays on the floor.  

And before I know it, he's trying to get the power cords in his mouth or climbing up me {this one is new-- i am now his favorite and most used thing to pull up on....or rather climb up on to a standing position} or grabbing my fingers and fussing to walk or needing a diaper change or I remember that I forgot to flip the laundry the night before...or, or, or.  And before I know it, my coffee is cold, half full and forgotten on the side table next to the couch.  

I love being a mom.  I wouldn't trade a hot cup of coffee any day for my sweet boy, but that doesn't mean that it isn't hard. And that sometimes I just want to be selfish with some time to myself.  

And then God reminds me that it's just coffee.  And, honestly, it doesn't really matter at all.  But being a wife and mother- those things matter.  Sometimes it doesn't seem like doing laundry and changing diapers is really making any impact, but I know it is serving my family and even more so, serving the Lord.  It is doing the job that God has called me to.

I may not finish a hot cup of coffee for years to come, but I think I can live with that.  We do, after all, have a microwave :)


ps. i love this article that my friend GraceAnna posted awhile ago and it pertains to a lot of what I've been thinking lately!  Read it- you will be encouraged :)


  1. Had similar thoughts just the other day. Definitely took hot coffe for granted prior to motherhood, but wouldn't trade it for the world!

  2. I never manage to finish my coffee while hot either- and I'm not even a mom yet! But I'm looking forward to it- even if it means more cold coffee in the cup!! Love you!

  3. Trust me it won't be that long and you will be able to finish that cup of coffee while it is hot- but in the meantime you could start having that coffee in the evening (decaf of course) after that sweet baby goes to bed :))))))) Love you!