Sunday, January 22, 2012

hot coffee

I was discussing with James recently that I cannot remember the last time I finished a cup of coffee before it was cold.  Honestly--it just never happens anymore!  I pour my mug full each morning with the best of intentions to sit and enjoy it while Thomas quietly plays on the floor.  

And before I know it, he's trying to get the power cords in his mouth or climbing up me {this one is new-- i am now his favorite and most used thing to pull up on....or rather climb up on to a standing position} or grabbing my fingers and fussing to walk or needing a diaper change or I remember that I forgot to flip the laundry the night before...or, or, or.  And before I know it, my coffee is cold, half full and forgotten on the side table next to the couch.  

I love being a mom.  I wouldn't trade a hot cup of coffee any day for my sweet boy, but that doesn't mean that it isn't hard. And that sometimes I just want to be selfish with some time to myself.  

And then God reminds me that it's just coffee.  And, honestly, it doesn't really matter at all.  But being a wife and mother- those things matter.  Sometimes it doesn't seem like doing laundry and changing diapers is really making any impact, but I know it is serving my family and even more so, serving the Lord.  It is doing the job that God has called me to.

I may not finish a hot cup of coffee for years to come, but I think I can live with that.  We do, after all, have a microwave :)


ps. i love this article that my friend GraceAnna posted awhile ago and it pertains to a lot of what I've been thinking lately!  Read it- you will be encouraged :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

10 months {a few days late}

Happy 10 months, sweet Thomas!  We love you so much!

Dear Thomas, 

This month the word for you is MOVE with DETERMINATION as a close second.  You are constantly on the move and have the determination like I've never seen.  I feel as if you have gone from a baby to a little boy this month, wanting so badly to be up on two feet at all times.   You even took your first step this month, although you are still pretty unsteady on your own.

Your determination is fascinating and funny.  You think that if you stretch just enough you can reach the door knobs that are several inches away from your fingers or the fan pulley as you walk by in my arms.   You are extremely curious and when you want something, you are relentless at getting it!  

You said your first real word just yesterday- Mama.  You've been making the mmmmm sound for quite some time and finally added the a.  Although you really have no idea that it's a word, it sounds perfect to me!  I love hearing you say ma ma ma ma while you're playing.  

You just cut your top central incisors within the last week, making your teeth count four!  And you love to use them to bite everything- even fingers!  You've also decided this month that your tummy is more comfortable for sleeping-- you sleep with your bottom in the air and your arms underneath you.   It's absolutely adorable. 

You've become a more picky eater, wanting to eat what you can pick up on your own and being far less interested in what we have on the spoon.  It's made feeding you a bit tricky, but we are working on it:).   Thankfully, you are eating a bit more of our table food.   You are also very interested in anything we are eating and will go after it to try a taste.  

There are so many more things I could say!  You, little one, are such a blessing from the Lord to your daddy and I.  We pray that you grow up to love Jesus and follow him in all of your ways!

Can't wait to see what happens this month!  I love you!


Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm still here.

I've been busy lately.  Busy with getting the house settled after the wonderful holidays, busy finding a space for all the new toys we came home with, busy with my almost walking almost 10 month old, busy getting rid of clutter {and old clothes that are officially out of style}, busy reading and sewing and baking things so I don't have to buy them, busy booking tickets to go to PARIS!!!  In all the busyness, I find myself with little time and energy left for blogging, facebook or any other online activity!  

I have a million pictures I could post, but for tonight, I am just posting one and then I'm going to go relax!!!  

Here's the bean in his Christmas jammies {that i bought on clearance when I was pregnant} trying to get Daddy to do his favorite activity- walking.  T's decided that crawling is for babies and wants no part of that.  But he's gotten quite good at cruising and even took one tiny step all on his own a few times the other night.  My little baby is turning into a little boy! 


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beach: family photos

We spent the week after Christmas with my family at the beach!  My parents rented an amazing house for all of us {thanks, guys!!!!} complete with elevator and heated swimming pool.  Can we say luxurious?  Thomas even had his very own walk-in closet to sleep in :).  It was absolutely fabulous, but the best part was being together!!  I love my family SO much!  The last day we went up on the roof deck and took some family photos.  We did resist the urge to dress all in white shirts and jeans and submit the photo to this website {not that I'm knocking anyone who does that....} :).

Stay tuned- i still have more beach and christmas pictures to post :)


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A visit with Loa

My best friend from college also came to visit briefly over the christmas break on her way to see family!  We had such a great time catching up and I got to see her pregnant belly for the first time in person.  She is due with a baby boy this April and we can't wait to him!  

Silly outtake-- i have no idea why i'm looking pensively at her belly and she is in the middle of sneezing....

Me, Laura and the baby boy!
Laura and I have the kind of friendship where you can just pick back up wherever you left off despite the long amount of time in between.  I love that.  Every time we're together, I leave wishing we lived closer.  Too bad I can't make KY and FL neighboring states, huh??  


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas #1

We spent the first of our Christmas celebrations this year enjoying some time with James' mom, sister and uncle!  Thomas sort of got the hang of opening his presents, though he was more fascinated with the paper and bows than anything else!  He got way too many toys and other fun things and so did we {including tacky Christmas tshirts that we all wore}. I made a Christmas dinner and Sara and I made sugar cookies that we all decorated.  It was a fabulous start to the Christmas holiday!