Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First haircut

The bean finally had his first haircut today.  Despite the fact that I wasn't ready to lose those baby curls in the back, it was becoming quite mullet-ish and just had to go!  I only trimmed the back and around the ears--which was quite traumatic despite the hopeful distraction of Elmo and a gingersnap. Thankfully I had James' hands holding his head still at times! Because of my moving target, I can't say it's the best haircut I've given, but it's not too bad either :) 

I'm thinking it's going to be another 18 months again before I want to attempt again! 

"What are you guys doing?"


First Snip- a curl for the baby book

AFTER- he was calming down at this point

Thursday, September 27, 2012

18 months

By the time we got to pictures with daddy, he was "all done!" haha.

Dear Thomas,

Happy 18 months, little one! I can't believe you are already to another half-birthday! Where does the time go?  I know I say it every time, but the last few months have been SO fun with you. You are growing into such a little boy and growing out of being a baby.  Regardless of how old you are, you will always be our baby, our first-born, our son!

Boy, have we had so much fun together this summer!  You recently enjoyed art for the first time- participating in finger painting, coloring and play-doh {that you only tried to eat a few times}.  We also took some sidewalk chalk outside, which is still a favorite and always gets all over you {and me!}!  You absolutely adore being outside these days and often walk to the back door asking to go out, rain or shine.  You enjoy playing on the lawn, with friends, climbing our steps over and over again, the playground and walks.  

You've started chatting SO much more these last few months and I couldn't be happier!  Most of the time I have no idea what in the world you are saying, but you jibber jabber as though it's very important and with your gestures I can usually figure it out.  Something about the way we've been home together all this time, I've learned what you want and are thinking many times before you even ask.  You still use some of your signs, but many times you try to say the words as you sign.  I'm so proud of how big you are getting, little bean!

There are definitely times that you surprise us though with your actions and words that make us bust out laughing.  You love to be a little ham and are more than happy to play to the approval of the "crowd" {which usually consists of your daddy and I while we are trying to finish dinner and you are practicing jumping or running or something silly that you want us to see.}  You definitely keep us giggling. The other day in Target, you could hear a baby crying and without seeing it, you said, "baby!  wahhh!" and rubbed your eyes like we do for the babies on the bus.  I laughed so hard! 

Physically, you are a climber and have just started to really want to go down stairs holding onto the railing rather than going backwards.  The other day when we were playing outside, you practiced this a million times on our stoop.  You also love to climb up on the chair in the living room by the window to see what is happening outside.  From there, you point and talk and always want me to come see what's going on.  You've also been trying to jump, but can't quite figure out how to get both feet off the ground at once.  It's so adorable to watch!

Your favorite toys are still vehicles of all kinds or anything with wheels and you still LOVE to read.  In the mornings, you have come to expect some reading time with me and if you don't get it, you will pick a book and back yourself into my lap until I succumb.  I love reading to you while we cuddle and I love that you love to read!  You also spend 30-45 minutes everyday in your crib by yourself so Mama can get a shower with a big basket of books and you spend most of the time just sitting their "reading" to yourself.  Your current favorites are How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? and Llama Llama Misses Mama. When we read the llama book, you always get really excited on the page where Mama Llama comes back to pick up her son and I always tell you that I'll always come back just like that when I leave you at the gym or church or Bible study.  We've read these books SO many times that I am about to hide them because I'm not sure how many more times I can sanely read them! :)

Speaking of picking you up, this summer we had a really brief month or so where you cried when we left you places.  We're thankful it was short-lived because it broke our hearts that you wanted us and we weren't there.  You seem to be back to your happy self and willing to go play with new toys and friends when we drop you off.  Sometimes on Sundays, you can be found clamoring at the door waiting to get picked up with all the other little rascals and sometimes {like this past sunday} you are happily playing with the unused toys while everyone else waits at the door. Smart boy! That way you don't have to share! :)

As far as eating goes, you have grown leaps and bounds in trying new things this summer. We decided at the beginning of the summer to only offer you what we were eating for dinner.  We felt like you could finally eat almost everything we could and we wanted you to learn to like and try new things.  Plus, making different things is exhausting for this Mama!  I always give you something for lunch that I know you really like and I put at least something on your plate each night that you enjoy {usually fruit or beans}.  For the first couple weeks, you really only ate those things and then signed "all done," but recently you've begun to try so many new things.  You are much more willing to eat or at least try what's in front of you, which makes us very proud!

Right now, you have almost 12 teeth. I say almost because your right molars on top and bottom are both only halfway through.  They sure are taking their time!  It's been months since they started the process of eruption, but they don't seem to be bothering you much anymore which is nice.  You aren't a huge fan of us brushing your teeth, but you usually tolerate it fairly well when we sing the ABCs.  Speaking of things that effect teeth, we finally completely dropped the paci as of yesterday!  You loved that thing, but gradually lessoning the time you were allowed to have it {only in the crib} AND poking a hole in it seemed to be the trick.  Last night I just put you down without it since you didn't seem to be looking for it.  I thought for sure you would scream a couple minutes later, but you went to sleep and slept all night just fine!  WAY less painful than I was anticipating!  After that, we just decided not to bring it back out so today you napped paci-free AND without a fuss {you switched to one nap around 16 months}.  You are still living up to the "chill" personality you had as a newborn. I'm so proud of you!  I honestly thought it was going to come to a screaming battle, but God was so good to us to give you peace and comfort without it.  We'll see if you replace it with a lovey or blanket at some point. 

Besides vehicles and books, you LOVE to play games of all kinds with us- peek-a-boo, hiding games, chasing games and anything else we come up with.  You are so playful!  You also love to copy everything that we do.  I mean EVERYTHING.  You try to put the keys in the door just like us, put on our shoes, copy the things we say, show your "muscles" just like daddy- everything!  We are learning that we have to be really careful now with what you see.  The other day, your dad jokingly {and lightly} slapped me on the leg and you followed suit with your own "hit."  YIKES!  You really are watching everything!

I could probably write a book on you, sweet bean, but I'll finish up just saying how thankful we are that Lord entrusted you to us!  The time we've had has been so sweet, such a learning process for us and yet so wonderful.  We look forward to many years ahead with you!  We pray daily for you- that God would capture your heart at an early age and that you would have the desire to follow and obey him.  Out of all the great things we hope for you, that's what we want most! 

I love you so much, sweet Thomas, and can't believe you are already halfway through the year to two.  Slow things down a bit, ok?



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a bit sentimental...

I've been thinking a lot about the next steps in our life- what it will be like after dental school.  It's seemed like such a long season and we are finally coming to the end.  James is in his last year.  In May he will be a dentist and that also means that our time in Louisville is most likely running short.

When we moved here, I just knew I'd never miss this place. I didn't miss Richmond, KY where we spent the first year of our marriage at all and I just felt the same way about here.  It was last on our list of where we wanted to be and for the first year or two James was busy and I was so lonely.  But the Lord has a funny way of working and this place has something that just grows on you.  It's not the location really because we all know I'd love to be closer to the beach.  It's not the weather because I honestly don't really like snow at all.  It's not even the town itself, although there are some pretty awesome places to eat around here and some amazing parks.  It's the people.

To me, people are always what really make a place.  

And there are some pretty amazing ones in Louisville.

 We've managed to find a church full of people that we love and leadership we respect, a community group that has changed a lot through the last 3 years and is still awesome, neighbors that I don't know how I would get through those occasional long stay at home mom days without, dental school friends, and some others who we've met randomly or reconnected with.  People make all the difference.

At some point in the last year, Louisville finally started to feel like home and now the thought of leaving it at the end of this year makes me pretty sad. I didn't think that the Lord could change my heart so much about this place.  I didn't think that He would bring so many wonderful relationships into our lives during this season of school.  I just thought we would "survive" here and move on.  But what I forgot is that the Lord always provides for His children.  He doesn't call you someplace and just leave you there hoping you'll survive.  He's already a million steps ahead of what you're thinking and wondering and He's got your best in mind.

Our time in Louisville is one of those places, one of those stones of remembrance, that will always remind me how the Lord has taken care of us, how the Lord provides for his children.  It is so evident in our time here in so many ways that I haven't even mentioned.  And when we come to times when we aren't sure what the Lord is doing or why something is happening, we'll be able to remember- God got us through before.  He didn't leave and He didn't waver in his provision.  He always came through at just the right time.  And He blessed us much more than we were ever expecting.

ps- An 18 month post of the bean will be coming soon!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, James!

Dear James,

Happy 25th Birthday! It's so hard to believe that we are already at your 25th year.  This is a year we have looked forward to with much anticipation, the year you will become a dentist!  I'm so proud of all of your hard work, but even more, I respect the way that you have managed to balance being involved in church/your relationship with the Lord, being a serving husband, a loving father and still doing well in a grueling school program. I am so thankful that the Lord drew us together 6 years ago and I love you more each day!

This year is bound to be a good one!  In your 25th year, we will celebrate 5 years married, our sweet son turning two, your graduation from dental school and probably a host of other things we don't yet know about.  I'm looking forward to every moment! Happy Birthday, babe! We love you!

Rebekah {and Thomas}

Sunday, June 24, 2012

15 months

Our little bean is officially 15 months old {as of 6 days ago}.

chewing on his fingers because his molars are coming in....

"Mama, do you see that airplane?"

Trying to get the camera

a few curls are coming in!

Dear Thomas,

The last few months have been such a joy to spend with you!  You've become such a little boy in so many ways.  You drink from a cup, you eat what we eat, you walk and climb and are starting to run. 

Your love of books grows by the day and you are always happy to climb up into the lap of a willing reader.  You love to point out people in pictures- in fact, you love to point at everything, waiting for me to tell you, "yes, there's a tree" for the millionth time.  Everything is exciting and new to you. You love playing outside, anything with wheels and music.  Sometimes the only thing that calms you down in the car is the "Wheels on the Bus" Pandora station.  It's not good enough to listen to Mama's music, you prefer the kid stuff.

Noises are very interesting to you, especially animal sounds.  You roar like a tiger, moo like a cow, meow {which comes out in a high pitched bee-bow} like a cat, sign your own sign for hop when you see a bunny rabbit, neigh like a horse, "trumpet" like an elephant and raise your hand like it's trunk, and pinch like a crab.  You constantly copy what we do, especially your daddy and are starting to say the first sounds of lots of the words we say.  You know how to follow lots of directions {though you also know how to look right at Mama and NOT follow a direction}, including throwing your own diaper away which you are always very proud of.  You clap when anyone says yay and you sign more, all done, help, and please all the time.  You love to wave bye- bye and are starting to say it occasionally while waving.  After nap, we take your paci into you room and you throw it into your crib and wave bye-bye to it.  The paci is one nighttime/ nap habit that is going to be hard to break!

Your very favorite song right now is "the wheels on the bus" and you know all the motions.  I'm honestly hoping you move on from the obsession sooner rather than later as I sing it a million times a day. When you do the motions for wheels, I know exactly what you want.  Lately, you have been matching things that we find in books with the things in our house- you see a star in a book and point to the star on our wall or you see a dump truck and get up to get your dump truck!  You never cease to amaze me at how smart you are!  You are constantly learning new things I didn't know you could do. You can point to your hair, ears, mouth, nose, eyes, cheeks, teeth, belly, fingers, toes, feet and knees.

You are still a little bit of a picky eater, but are starting to do a better job of eating what I cook at dinner time!  You are willing to put almost anything into your mouth once, but as soon as you decide you don't like it, out it goes.  You love all kinds of fruit and are on a big oatmeal kick at breakfast.  Your Daddy and I can't eat anything anymore without you getting a bite of it {or five!}, which resulted in your first taste of Daddy's pop tart the other morning! You were hooked :(

You certainly aren't all perfect, little one.  You have your share of crying fits and defiance, but for the most part you are such an easy and happy child. We are so blessed that God entrusted you to us and we pray daily that you would come to love and serve him at an early age! 

You, Thomas, are my favorite little boy and I'm excited to see what the next few months bring!



Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mama Lou

It's not until I became a mother that I realized all that my mother did for me, all that she gave and worked and never rested.  It's not until I became a mother that I really understood her amazing patience, her unwavering love, her reliance on prayer, her sweet generosity. 

Her job is never done, though all her children are grown and married- she still works, pouring herself out into the next generation of her children's children and yet still taking time for her own.  Our children {and future children} have their Oma and she is just as tender, loving and patient with them- full of fun, adventure, kisses and laughter, full of love.  She goes out of her way {quite literally} to spend time with them, teach them new things, read them the same book over and over again, play with them and tell them how special they are to her.  

There is no way to say enough to bless her for that which she has done over the years and what she continues to do. 

Mama- I am so thankful that you are my mom, my friend and my mentor.  Thank you for teaching me through your actions how to be a wonderful mother.  I love you so much and hope today you were reminded of how special you are to us!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the one time i wish i paid more attention in art history class....

We spent the other day at the Louvre with Dad while Mom watched Thomas.  It's free the first Sunday of every month so we had to wait in an hour long line, but it was a really neat experience and worth the time it took!  It most definitely would have been a NIGHTMARE with the bean, so we were glad he could get a little Oma time :).  

Here's a fun little fact--The museum is HUGE {it used to be King Louis the 14th's palace}! In fact if you stood at every work of art in the place for only 3 seconds, it would take you 3 months to see the whole thing! We just saw some of the highlights {including the Mona Lisa} and after a few hours were quite exhausted.