Monday, December 19, 2011

thomas lately :)

This is one of the only things he can successfully pull up on entirely on his own....he tries on many other things but has a hard time getting a good grip on them!

1. We recently put Thomas in a new, big boy car seat!  He's still rear-facing, but no more baby carrier!  He wasn't too heavy for his old seat, but he was getting too long :)  As to how he likes it--let's just say he's never been a fan of the car anyway and the new seat doesn't seem to make it better.  

2.  Teething turned my normally sweet baby into a fussy pants.  After a few bad naps and rough nights, he officially has two bottom teeth that are about half way out.  We've been trying to get a picture, but he likes to run his tongue along them, so it's been hard!!  

3. Now that Thomas can pick up finger foods, he doesn't want us to feed him.  He's quite determined to do it by himself!

4.  The bean LOVES to walk everywhere holding onto even just one hand and he is NOT afraid of trying to let go and stand on his own or dive for something he wants....which is making his mama a bit afraid!  He's still quite wobbly, but he's getting better each day. I'm pretty sure with this new found love, he will never traditionally crawl, but we'll see. 

5. During the teething troubles, we decided to give Thomas one of his Christmas gifts early--we needed something to new to distract us and keep this mama sane :)  So, he is loving playing with his new table thing and moving back and forth between it and the chair.  Being the only born grandchild right now {though not for long!!} on both sides, we figured he would get plenty of other fun things from us, the grandparents, and aunts/uncles, so he wouldn't even miss it.  

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