Sunday, December 11, 2011

oops. it's been two weeks {again}.

Life has recently gotten quite busy {thus the long break}.  Here's what's been going on in no particular order:

1. Thomas has a yucky cold again. Oh, and both bottom teeth have just popped through.   These two things combined are making my normally sweet, sweet baby a bit fussy and giving him sleep troubles. Poor thing!  He also keeps getting himself stuck in the corner of the crib, which isn't helping. 

2. My mom came to visit :).  We had a fabulous time doing all kinds of fun things, were incredibly spoiled by her and can't wait to see her at Christmas!  Less than 2 weeks now!!!!

3. Have I mentioned that my parents are moving to Paris for 2 years?  Umm, yea. We are definitely going to miss them, but we are also so excited for them, plus we are going to visit in MAY!!  AHHHHH! It's ok to be jealous.

4. James is taking finals, which is not my favorite time of the semester.  But, he will be done Wednesday and we are planning to really enjoy this break {minus him getting his 3rd molars removed}.  We're having his family here to celebrate, my best friend from college {who is having a sweet baby is April} is coming for a quick visit on her way to see family AND we're heading to SC for Christmas and then to the beach with my family for a week!  I can already smell the ocean!  And we're excited to see what Thomas thinks of it :)

5. We're DONE Christmas shopping- COMPLETELY!  Online shopping is SO easy. Now we just get to sit back and enjoy the season and time together :) 

6. I can't really think of what else has gone, I'll just end with a picture or two and I'll try to be here a bit more frequently!

Both pictures were taken before teeth eruption. I'll definitely take a picture of Thomas' new central incisors as soon as they are fully out! :)


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