Tuesday, December 13, 2011

finger foods

In the last few weeks, Thomas has really mastered picking up food with his fingers and getting it into his mouth!  While I am getting his meal ready, I often put a few Cheerios or pieces of cheese on his tray and he just goes to town.  I also try to be sneaky and put new food on his tray sometimes, but if he decides he doesn't like it, he then won't touch anything on the whole tray!  It's pretty funny.

 I've found that it usually takes him some time to get used to a new food or texture.   For instance, I used to not be able to get him to eat peas or green beans-- he would take a bite or two and then refuse to open his mouth!  But after trying them several times, he loves them.  So, I'm just persistent and we're working on trying more bite-sized things.  Any suggestions of good finger foods he can gum?  So far we've tried avocado, green beans, strawberries, banana, oranges, cheese, Cheerios and puffs, wheat bread, and wheat pasta.  I've heard babies usually like black beans, so i'm going to try those--although that's what I heard about avocado and so far, he hates it!


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