Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rebekah's kitchen: recent {mostly pumpkin} recipes

I've been in the fall mood and so has apparently everyone else in our city since canned pumpkin is often hard to find!  Here are just a few recipes that I've tried in the past few weeks....

Pumpkin cookies- These came out with more of the consistency of muffin tops than cookies, but tasted absolutely delightful. James scarfed the first batch down!  They had just a hint of sweetness which made them really great for breakfast.  I decided to skip the chocolate glaze since they were great on their own.  I also ended up baking half of them and freezing the other half in individual cookie pieces to bake later. They stuck together a little bit in the freezer, but tasted just as great as making them fresh!

Low-fat Pumpkin bread- Can I just say YUM?  It is delicious and easy to make--not to mention fairly low in calories. I would highly recommend it!!

Pumpkin butter- Are you noticing a trend yet?  This recipe seemed easier than it ended up.  For whatever reason I could NOT get mine to thicken on the stove and I even cooked it way longer than it called for.  I ended up throwing it in the crock pot on low for a few hours with the lid slightly off to let out the liquid and it turned out GREAT, not to mention so much easier. Don't forget to stir it occasionally if you try it. Perfect on toast and probably even better on some pumpkin pancakes! Oh, and my apt. smelled amazing

Taco chicken bowls-  We've had these a few times and really love them!  They are easy {most of the work is done by the crock pot and rice cooker!}, cheap and delicious. Plus they freeze really well, so you can easily make extra and have it again!  

Roasted butternut squash-  This was absolutely delicious and we will be having it again this week with some grilled chicken and green beans!  James is not the biggest fan of squash, but LOVED it and so did I.  I skipped the olive oil and just sprayed a little pam on the squash to cut calories.  It turned out SO good.  The texture is more like a home-fry than a squishy squash which pleased my husband :). My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

I'm also trying this chicken pot pie soup this week and possibly this potato soup next week {my friend Beth says is great!}-- I'll let you know how it goes!


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  1. I always steal your recipes- we had taco bowls for dinner tonight- they are so yummy! And easy- in the crock pot all day while we were at work. With plenty of leftovers. Ive been making pumpkin recipes too- pumpkin dip and pumpkin pancakes (the second one that comes up when you search for pumpking pancakes on all recipes- it has vinegar in it if that helps you find it). They were great- not really heavy and we had leftovers that we toasted the next day for breakfast. Also downeast Maine pumpkin bread off all recipes.com. Also super yummy- substituted splenda for the sugar. It makes 3 loaves. I made some into muffins and added some raisins. Very good! :)