Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Seven months

This month has been super fun.  I feel like each one just seems to get better and better!  Thomas is at the stage where he is sitting, but not crawling and I am definitely enjoying it :)  We also started working on a sippy cup.  Thomas takes 2 naps most days and takes a third one only if he's cranky or had trouble napping {like today!}.  He's super smiley and does well in the nursery at church and Bible Study Fellowship.  He hasn't hit the stage yet where he only wants mama and daddy, but he has been a little more wary of strangers lately so I think we are headed there. 

Here are a few pictures of our sweet boy:
playing with the empty box- this kept him busy for about 10 minutes!

He also loves to find the tag on things and play with it-- not sure what is so fascinating about that!

Too much flash, Mama! haha

Ready for month eight!



  1. I sure love my 7 month old nephew! What a blessing and a delight!