Thursday, October 6, 2011

project: yarn wreath with felt flowers

Right now yarn wreaths are EVERYWHERE.  I've seen some going on for $50.  Really?  I love how they look, but that is expensive for something that cost me MUCH less and didn't take much time at all!

Anyway, my wreaths became gifts for my mama and mother-in-law who both have September birthdays! I made festive fall wreaths so that they could both use them on their doors.  With the leftover materials, I also made one for our door--and I still have enough stuff for another one! YAY!

The yarn wrapping part is super easy {i used less than half a skein of yarn for one wreath}.  You just wrap the yarn around the wreath insert!  When I switched colors I just tied knots in the back since you won't see it anyway.  As embellishments I used a beaded sprig that I got at Hobby Lobby in the fall section and then made flowers using felt {i bought 1/2 yard of each and still have some leftover} and hot glue.  There are so many tutorials out there on how to make different kinds of fabric flowers and you could really use any kind you liked!  I used this one to make mine.

Instead of using a wreath insert {which can cost about $5}, I saw on pinterest that you could use foam plumbing tube {which costs about $1 and you can make two wreaths from one} and just cut it to size and duct tape it together. It looks like this.

 I tried it for my own wreath.  Their are a few glitches you should know about if you try this!  One:  heavy things can warp the shape of your circle because it is hollow and light weight.  And Two: you CANNOT hot glue directly onto the foam because it melts.  My mom was working on a different wreath while she was visiting and had to wrap duct tape all the way around the foam and then hot glue to that to keep it from melting.

So that's my recent wreath project.  We have a beautiful orange and white one hanging on our front door to welcome visitors  and I think it's quite fall-ish.


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