Monday, October 3, 2011

the end of our pantry challenge/this week's menu

We finished up our pantry challenge and somehow still have food in our pantry that we need to eat up, but we did make a big dent!  I'm proud to say that because we did this, we had extra budgeted money that we spent on some grocery splurges for us {like pumpkin coffee, yum!} and we ate a LOT more fresh items this month.  I used to buy just a bit of fruit each week and some veggies for dinner, but now we are buying many more fresh things to snack on!  I love it and I feel better too.  Throughout October, we will still be working on eating up the rest of the  food in our pantry--though I don't think I'll be as strict about not buying pantry items.  

Anyway, here is our meal plan for the week. It's not too exciting because we have some things in our freezer that I want to use up, Thomas has been sick and I'm pretty tired and we are heading out of town on Friday!  Many of our meals are repeats of last week.  I tend to do this since I try to make double and freeze it, so we usually eat a meal two weeks in a row OR we skip a week in between.  It just makes my life easier :)

Sunday {we already ate this}:  eggs, turkey bacon, toast and fruit

Monday: grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans and jello

Tuesday: tuna sandwiches, soup and carrot sticks

Wednesday: Spaghetti with eggplant sauce {me} and turkey meat sauce {james} and salad--both sauces are already in the freezer :)

Thursday: veggie and turkey chili {from the freezer}, biscuits or homemade bread

Friday: out

Saturday: whatever mom's cooking! yay!



  1. um, can you come up with a way for me to use up 2.5 bags of tortilla chips and 3 cans of chopped green chiles?? i mean, seriously, WHY is this stuff in my pantry???

  2. Mom's cooking whatever you guys want????? can't wait to see you all!