Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Joey {one day late!}

Happy Birthday to our awesome brother-in-law/thomas' uncle Joey!  We are so thankful for you and glad that you are part of our family!  Can't wait to celebrate this weekend!!
-J, R & T

Monday, October 24, 2011

We interrupt this blog...

I didn't fall off the face of the earth.  I just got my nose stuck in a good book for the first time in a long time. And all of my free time {after the housework was done and the baby was sleeping} was dedicated to this book.  THREE days of staying up way past my bedtime. 552 pages later. It was a fabulous fictional read that I highly recommend--best read with a cup of coffee.  

And now that I'm done, anyone want it next? I'd be happy to share.

Hopefully now I can resume my regular posting and show some more footage of the star of the blog:

Love my little drool-faced boy who is getting so big! 


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Seven months

This month has been super fun.  I feel like each one just seems to get better and better!  Thomas is at the stage where he is sitting, but not crawling and I am definitely enjoying it :)  We also started working on a sippy cup.  Thomas takes 2 naps most days and takes a third one only if he's cranky or had trouble napping {like today!}.  He's super smiley and does well in the nursery at church and Bible Study Fellowship.  He hasn't hit the stage yet where he only wants mama and daddy, but he has been a little more wary of strangers lately so I think we are headed there. 

Here are a few pictures of our sweet boy:
playing with the empty box- this kept him busy for about 10 minutes!

He also loves to find the tag on things and play with it-- not sure what is so fascinating about that!

Too much flash, Mama! haha

Ready for month eight!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Rebekah's kitchen: Super Moist Low Fat Chocolate Cupcakes

I made these babies this afternoon.  AND they are SO good! AND there are only 105 calories in one.  AND they are SO good. Did I mention they are good?  James really likes them, too.  Oh, and Thomas tried to grab the one I was eating earlier today, so I'm pretty sure he thought they would be delicious :) I took no step by step pictures because the recipe already has them for you and I wasn't really thinking about it, so you can just click the link if you are interested.  I will say they are super easy to make- and only 3 ingredients in the cupcake!

Life has been really busy lately and my little bean is really keeping me occupied, so I haven't been very blog inspired or taken many pictures.  Oops.  By the way, Thomas will be 7 months old tomorrow.  I seriously don't know where the last month went!  When I look back at pictures, I can't believe my baby was so little!  He is growing so quickly.  I will try to take some fun pictures to share tomorrow-- try being the keyword!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Thomas reads!

Thomas loves playing with his toys.  His latest thing is taking EVERY toy out of the basket.  He carefully examines each one until another toy in the basket catches his attention.  It's really funny to watch.  

He also LOVES books.  He usually just holds them and then puts them down and pats them {kind of like drumming}.  When I help him open them, he gets really excited. Cue lots of drumming!  Oh, and he must have his paci in his mouth while he reads OR he inevitably eats the books {evidence below}.


Reupholstering our parsons chairs: part three

Well, it's done!  Parson chair number one is complete.  I've started disassembling the second one, but haven't gotten very far since we've been out of town!  You can check out part 1 and part 2 to see what it took to get here.  I went looking for some kind of trim to go over the stitching between the two fabrics and actually found nailhead trim which is what I wanted to use originally but had trouble with {see part 2 for details}!  Did you know Joann's sells nailhead trim that is already connected in a line and you just put in a nail every 5th one? AMAZING and SO easy.

Anyway, want to see a good before and after?



Goodbye cheesy 80s.  I'm pretty proud of my first upholstery project!  There were definitely some glitches along the way, but the end product was worth it.  Now I just have to get the energy to tackle chair # 2.


Friday, October 7, 2011

visiting Nana and Aunt Sara

This past Saturday we spent the day with James' family up in NKY.  It was fun to catch up, play with Thomas and eat a nice meal!  Thomas was so tuckered out from all the fun that he napped really well even though he was congested. Oh, and he even got to meet Uncle Bill for the first time!

We only snapped a few quick pictures with our camera, but I'll try to post some more when I get them from Mom B :)

Thomas meeting Uncle Bill

J playing with his mom's new ipad2

thomas and aunt sara

We had a great time and can't wait to see them again!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

project: yarn wreath with felt flowers

Right now yarn wreaths are EVERYWHERE.  I've seen some going on for $50.  Really?  I love how they look, but that is expensive for something that cost me MUCH less and didn't take much time at all!

Anyway, my wreaths became gifts for my mama and mother-in-law who both have September birthdays! I made festive fall wreaths so that they could both use them on their doors.  With the leftover materials, I also made one for our door--and I still have enough stuff for another one! YAY!

The yarn wrapping part is super easy {i used less than half a skein of yarn for one wreath}.  You just wrap the yarn around the wreath insert!  When I switched colors I just tied knots in the back since you won't see it anyway.  As embellishments I used a beaded sprig that I got at Hobby Lobby in the fall section and then made flowers using felt {i bought 1/2 yard of each and still have some leftover} and hot glue.  There are so many tutorials out there on how to make different kinds of fabric flowers and you could really use any kind you liked!  I used this one to make mine.

Instead of using a wreath insert {which can cost about $5}, I saw on pinterest that you could use foam plumbing tube {which costs about $1 and you can make two wreaths from one} and just cut it to size and duct tape it together. It looks like this.

 I tried it for my own wreath.  Their are a few glitches you should know about if you try this!  One:  heavy things can warp the shape of your circle because it is hollow and light weight.  And Two: you CANNOT hot glue directly onto the foam because it melts.  My mom was working on a different wreath while she was visiting and had to wrap duct tape all the way around the foam and then hot glue to that to keep it from melting.

So that's my recent wreath project.  We have a beautiful orange and white one hanging on our front door to welcome visitors  and I think it's quite fall-ish.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

busy little hands

My boy is busy, busy, busy.  His little hands stop only when I call his name or make a funny noise and then he is right back to what he was doing.  I'm very sure that his mobility is going to make me a VERY tired mama one day in the not too distant future :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a snapshot {or three}

It's been chilly here, but Thomas and I have still been getting outdoors to take a walk each day.  I just bundle him up a bit and off we go.

Monday, October 3, 2011

the end of our pantry challenge/this week's menu

We finished up our pantry challenge and somehow still have food in our pantry that we need to eat up, but we did make a big dent!  I'm proud to say that because we did this, we had extra budgeted money that we spent on some grocery splurges for us {like pumpkin coffee, yum!} and we ate a LOT more fresh items this month.  I used to buy just a bit of fruit each week and some veggies for dinner, but now we are buying many more fresh things to snack on!  I love it and I feel better too.  Throughout October, we will still be working on eating up the rest of the  food in our pantry--though I don't think I'll be as strict about not buying pantry items.  

Anyway, here is our meal plan for the week. It's not too exciting because we have some things in our freezer that I want to use up, Thomas has been sick and I'm pretty tired and we are heading out of town on Friday!  Many of our meals are repeats of last week.  I tend to do this since I try to make double and freeze it, so we usually eat a meal two weeks in a row OR we skip a week in between.  It just makes my life easier :)

Sunday {we already ate this}:  eggs, turkey bacon, toast and fruit

Monday: grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans and jello

Tuesday: tuna sandwiches, soup and carrot sticks

Wednesday: Spaghetti with eggplant sauce {me} and turkey meat sauce {james} and salad--both sauces are already in the freezer :)

Thursday: veggie and turkey chili {from the freezer}, biscuits or homemade bread

Friday: out

Saturday: whatever mom's cooking! yay!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rebekah's Kitchen: sweet potato biscuit recipe

My friend Liz always posts and pins things that sound so good to me, so when I saw these on her pinterest, I knew I just had to try them!  I've never even made regular biscuits before--since I used to always get the Pillsbury ones free with coupons and we don't eat them very often, but I thought these would be tasty with our chili and i had all the ingredients. I have been on a sweet potato kick anyway!  The recipe was easy, though I had never frozen butter or grated it before.  They turned out delicious!  The sweet potato added a bit of sweetness and made the biscuit more dense and moist.  They didn't rise like I thought they would, so they looked a bit flat. I think I rolled them too thin to begin with. Regardless, I would still make them again:)

I cut the recipe in half since there are only two of us and I didn't take pictures of every step because I was trying to get dinner going and forgot! Anyway, here's what you need for a full recipe: