Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a typical day.

Today was a busy day here in the Bush household and we didn't even go anywhere {except for a walk}! Thomas took a great morning nap allowing me to get quite a bit done around the house.  I got some cleaning, laundry and baking done, but the majority of the day I spent with one very sweet little boy :)
in the new jogging stroller, facing forward so he can see the world...

Thomas tries not to smile too big with the paci because it falls out and he doesn't get to have it too often :) So i usually just get a smirk!  we were bundled up because it was in the low 60s today!

He's starting to try to grab things and play with toys while sitting....sometimes it still throws him off balance, but he is getting better each day-- notice the pillow fortress I created, just in case!

Mama and Baby
So that was our day!  I finally got Thomas rolling on video. He refuses to stay on his tummy now.  EVERY time we put him on his tummy, he promptly rolls over :)  He never did like tummy time...


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