Monday, September 5, 2011

This week's menu: pantry challenge

We are officially in full swing pantry challenge mode at the Bush household.  So far, it has actually been pretty good {all 2 days of it}, although I realize that when we get to the end we will probably be sick of eating beans, whole wheat pasta and tuna :)  I don't think I'll be buying those for awhile...

We decided to do the challenge for three reasons.  The first is because we have a lot of food in our pantry {I use the word pantry loosely-- it is really just a cupboard in our kitchen} that we just glaze over and don't eat-- usually because we have something we like better instead!  I really enjoy making healthy meals that we like to eat.  There is NOTHING wrong with that, but we need to use up some of the beans, cereal, tuna, oatmeal and other stuff that we have before we buy anymore!  The second reason is to hopefully spend more of our grocery money on fresh things, like fruits and veggies!  We don't tend to buy a lot of processed snacks and junk anyway, but this will help us really cut that out as best we can.  And encourage us to snack on more healthy and homemade foods. And the last reason is to save $.  I am hoping that we will be able to cut our grocery bill some this month and maybe be able to spend it on something else we would rather have?  We don't budget a lot for groceries anyway, but every little bit helps!

So, here's what we've had/are having this week {when I say on our own, i just mean that James and i ate something different that we each made like pb&j or oatmeal, etc.}:

Sunday: breakfast- homemade fruit smoothies, lunch-on our own, dinner- tuna wraps with pico de gallo and apples {this was super good and so much better than a traditional tuna sandwich-- no mayo and SO much tastier. we used wraps instead of rolls}
tuna with pico de gallo

Monday: breakfast- homemade breakfast burritos, lunch- on our own, dinner-chili from freezer {i made it last week and froze half} 
Tuesday: breakfast- homemade muffins, lunch-on our own, dinner-salmon, rice, green beans, applesauce
Wednesday: breakfast and lunch-on our own, dinner- tacos, apples
Thursday: breakfast and lunch-on our own, dinner-homemade pizza with this delicious crust, salad, sliced pears
Friday: breakfast and lunch-on our own, dinner- black bean soup {I'm planning to substitute greek yogurt for the sour cream and double this to freeze some for next week}
Saturday: brunch- at a friend's house, dinner- out or carry-out :)

So, there you have it. Hopefully I can come up with some creative meals to use up things as the month goes on!  I think I might also attempt making these this week?  I think I already have everything that I need.

Well, we are off to enjoy the cooler weather {high of 73 today!!} by heading to the local apple farm!  Looks like I might just be making a pie this afternoon :)


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