Monday, September 26, 2011

reupholstering our $20 parsons chairs: part one

Remember how I told you that I was working on a project?   Well, I have completed the first part of it and thought I would share just a bit!

I started with two of these {though I have only completed one so far}:

Mom and I found them for $20 a piece at a consignment shop BEFORE Thomas was even born.  They are super comfortable and I was almost positive I could just find a slipcover that would work.  That hideous 80s fabric had to go!  After buying {and returning} 2 slipcovers, I quickly realized that they were just a little different in size than your average parsons chair, not to mention that I previously hated slipcovers.  They also had fabric covering the legs so the slipcover had to have a skirt which limited my options.  

I gave up looking for awhile and just settled in with the ugly fabric. Then we had a baby and I was too busy and tired to think about doing anything with them.

Now that I have more time and energy {thanks little T for sleeping through the night AND napping better}, I am ready to tackle those chairs!

First I gathered up some supplies.

I started by using the seem ripper to remove the fabric on the legs and see what was underneath.  Thankfully, I found wood {under some foam, too}.  It had about a hundred staples in it, but was salvageable.  Then I removed the rest of the fabric on the chair, leaving the batting underneath {goodbye ugly and dirty fabric}.  James graciously helped me remove the staples with his brute strength:).  We used a screw driver to pry the staple up and pliers to pull each one out.  It took FOREVER even with both of us working on it and really hurt our hands, but I am hoping the end product will be worth it.

Next, I had to use some wood putty on the legs where the staples were removed.  After it dried, I sanded them and wiped them down.

I kept the old fabric for a template for the new cover.

After all that, I headed outside to paint the legs!

I painted them using an oil rubbed bronze spray paint with primer.  I finished all 4 legs and then someone woke up and wanted to play.

Perfect timing, little one!  I was stopping anyway:)  Now just waiting on a fabric delivery to finish up!  SO excited!



  1. So far so great! Can't wait to see part 2. :)

  2. Thomas has the most beautiful eyelashes!