Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pantry Challenge: week 4

Last week's pantry challenge went great! We are buying more and more fresh fruits and veggies to snack on and use in our meals and I LOVE it.   For our night of carryout, we ended up getting sushi and some other goodies--it was fun to have a little at home date after the bean went to bed.  Any good suggestions for fun at home dates? 

Anyway, this week I am really trying to pack things full of veggies/fruits and continue to get some great nutrients into our bodies!  Here's the dinner plan for this week:

Monday:  Chicken breast, acorn squash, salad and sliced apples

Tuesday:  Whole wheat pasta with eggplant marinara {for me}/ clam sauce {for James} and salad-- he prefers the clam sauce and i prefer the eggplant, so we are going to just do both and use the leftovers for lunches. win. win.

Wednesday:  Turkey and Veggie Chili, thinking about making these, but wondering if I can do them healthier?  {seen from a friend's pinterest} and grapes-- the chili recipe I am using is FULL of fresh veggies {zucchini, squash, tomatoes, green pepper, celery, onion} and made with lean ground turkey-- I will share it later this week!

Thursday: Mama's Healthy Crockpot BBQ Chicken {we had this last week and it was DELICIOUS-- I have it all ready in the freezer to just throw into the crock pot}

Friday: Chickfila {James has been wanting this for awhile so we are planning to go!}

Saturday: Dinner with extended family

Sunday: Egg scrambles, turkey bacon and fruit {I love to do these after church on sundays.  They are super quick, filling and a good way to use up some of the fresh veggies we have leftover.}

Breakfasts: cereal, smoothies {we have some frozen bananas- yum!}, oatmeal, eggs, greek yogurt and fruit, possibly muffins {i have some mixes to use up}

Lunches:  leftovers, pb&j {one of James' favorites}, tuna sandwiches and whatever else we feel like just never know!

Completely unrelated:  I have a project that I am slowly working on and I just can't wait to show you all when I'm done!  I am doing a little bit each day and waiting on some fabric-- and this one too {that's a little hint} to come in the mail!  Aren't you just dying to know what it is?  Probably not, but if you are--you will just have to keep coming back until I can finally finish it!  


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