Saturday, September 10, 2011

my future farmhouse

I am, in fact, constructing my future farmhouse or its remodel one pin at a time.  It's actually really fun to get some great ideas for things that I like.  James and I would one day like to have an old house to renovate little by little on some land OR build our own.  In my dream I will have a big garden with plenty to share with friends and family {maybe my dad will garden at our place since I know nothing about it and might just need some help}, chickens for fresh eggs and a creek for the kiddos to play in.  Oh yea, and a swimming pool because I, of course, want to live in the south and just couldn't live without one!  

Want to dream with me?

Welcome to my future kitchen. I love pretty much everything about it-- the faucet, the island, the way the sink faces the action instead of a wall or window, the hardware, the brightness, the ceiling...yea, i love it.

I'll have one of these and maybe actually make it a compost underneath rather than a garbage can.
The Farm Chicks

These mason jar light fixtures from Pottery Barn will hang above the table in the kitchen.

I love these windows and the beams!  This might just have to be in my future sunroom or library?
My laundry room is going to have the most fabulous sink for all those kid's clothes that will get stained from all the outdoor fun.

And an awesome built in drying rack for all those cloth diapers.
you can have one too!
We'll turn my great grandmother's buffet into the most fabulous double sink in the master bath.
for the love of a house
We'll use all the "wasted spaces" for great storage and organization.
And we'll turn the barn into something more useful, but probably with much comfier furniture.

That's what I've got so far. What do you think? See how pinterest gets me into trouble?

{and yes, i realize i am really dreaming here}



  1. I have recently become addicted to that website as well... how did I go so long without knowing about it??? :) Love your ideas and your taste for simple, yet stylish design!

  2. oh btw where is the pic of the baby???

  3. can we build next door? or a field away?? I'm dreaming right along side you! Let's make it happen!