Friday, September 30, 2011

life update

Poor Thomas currently has his second run in with congestion which is making it hard for him to sleep:(.  He had this one time before, but I knew he had caught it from me.  This time he must have gotten it from one of the kiddos in nursery.  Boo.  I hate having to use saline and suction out his little nose.  I can't wait until he can just blow on his own and I won't have to do that-- it's always a sad, teary fight to get it done. He is surprisingly in pretty good spirits despite the lack of great sleep-- that's my sweet boy!

Here's a few pictures we snapped the other night.  We've been taking Thomas outside to "play" a lot lately since we have beautiful weather!  It's so much easier now that he is sitting up on his own.

love those blue eyes

T does this ALL the time.  We call it giving kisses, but he basically just grabs your face and tries to suck on it. Hah.

my boys



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