Thursday, September 8, 2011

8 things

1. I've been looking over our pantry for meals for next week's pantry challenge.  Let's just say it's not looking too good.  I better work on a little creativity before I plan those meals...

2. Isn't this picture so sweet? I love that smile!

3. Naps, ahh, what to say about those?  They are still unpredictable.  We dropped back down to 3 a day and even one day this past week had only 2 because he did so well sleeping--I would really like to move in this direction.  But that is definitely not the norm.  The good news is that they have {as a whole} gotten longer, but we still have many a 45 minute nap. Oh well.  Thomas does sleep 11-12 hours a night without eating, so that is AWESOME.

4. I've done a better job cleaning these past two weeks! YAY!  Even since the bean entered the world, I 've felt like our house hasn't been in tip top shape {understandably}.  Last week, I sat down and made some goals.  I am working to accomplish one or two cleaning tasks a day while T naps.  It feels so much better.

5. I am thanking the Lord for this weather. It's been in the 60s and I just can't get enough.  Yes, it has also been rainy on and off, but I am still so energized by fall!

6. James and I had our first one of these for the season last night. Bliss. Yikes on the calories!  Good thing I at least went for the skinny.

7. Thomas has learned how to actually bounce in his exersaucer.  It is so funny to watch him bobble all over the place.  He also has recently learned how to shake his head from side to side and does it ALL the time.  Oh, and he also laughs A LOT-- so many silly things are funny to him :)

8. James did his first root canal this week!!!  So proud!



  1. WOW to all those things! I just love your pics and posts! Little Thomas is just beautiful! You're an awesome mom and wife! And Brad, I'm so proud of you...really a root canal?!
    Love to all!

  2. I cannot wait to see that beautiful little boy and of course his parents! Love you all and congrats to James on the root canal. oh did I mention dad needs a root canal? Ha ha!!!!