Wednesday, August 24, 2011

so long summer-- hello, fall!

This morning I took Thomas on a long walk at a local park.  I don't really feel too much better than yesterday {though the pressure on my face has calmed down some}, but I needed to get out of the house. Since the little bean hasn't been sleeping well for naps, we have had lots of extra time during the day to play {He did, however, sleep 13 hours last night!!  It was wonderful to sleep in a little!}.  There was a beautiful breeze blowing as we walked and it made me get excited for fall....even if today's high is 93.

I used to love summer.  I think because of where we live, my love of summer is subsiding.  The reasons that I used to love it are not really applicable anymore. 

For one, I no longer get a vacation from school, since I'm not in school or teaching!  I know some would argue that I am on vacation all the time since I am at home, but really I am working all the time-- staying at home is surprisingly harder than it looks!  And my dear husband doesn't get a long vacation either- since the dental school is that mean.  

I also no longer have unlimited access to a private swimming pool-- we still swim when we visit my parents, but I used to pretty much live in the pool.  No, really.  I think I'm part fish.  And that's one huge reason that I didn't mind it being hot.  If I was too sweaty, I would just go swimming.   

I used to love summer because of all the produce in my dad's garden- hello, fresh salsa!  But, we are too far away to benefit from the bounty this year.  

I also absolutely LOVE going to the beach in the summer.  This year= no beach.  Actually, that's not really true.  My parents are taking us all at Christmas to Isle of Palms since we didn't have time off to go this summer!  Aren't they the best?!? So, I guess-- this summer=no beach.   We are too far {boo for being landlocked} to just go spend a long weekend at the beach.

All of these things {plus my love of jackets}, have made me quite ready for fall this year!  As Thomas is getting older, we are able to do more and have more fun!  I think this fall might just be the best one yet!


ps- surprise, surprise-- thomas is sleeping past 45 minutes???  I guess I finally wore him out!

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  1. I think you hit it on the head when you said your love of jackets has made fall look a lot better!!! BTW love the pic of Thomas from your last posting in that cute little shorts outfit- he is just so beautiful inside and out :)