Saturday, August 20, 2011

Greenville, SC {picture overload}

After our time in ATL, we ventured to Greenville to hang out with my parents for the rest of the week!  While we were there we swam, shopped, celebrated James' birthday {early}, and just enjoyed hanging out together! We even met up with some friends for lunch who used to live in Louisville and just moved to Greenville.
Thomas LOVES to stand-- it's all he wants to do lately!

On birthdays in the Farnum household, the guest of honor gets to choose whatever meal they want made, including dessert.  James chose fish and clam stew which my dad slaved away over.  It was one of my grandpa's recipes and it tasted SO GOOD. 

For dessert, he asked for apple pie {yes, it was missing a piece-- my grandma had to leave a little early, so mom sent one with her} and vanilla ice cream

James left on Friday morning to drive to Ohio for a wedding {Congrats Chris and Cassandra}!  I stayed in Greenville with Thomas until Sunday when we rode back to ATL with Jen and Joey and flew home.  Thomas did fabulously on the plane.  I was nervous about it since we took off right around his bedtime. But, he fell asleep for the first 30 minutes or so-- and charmed the other passengers with his smile the rest of the time.  No crying or anything!  Thankfully, the flight was only about 1.5 hours.  James picked us up {Boy, did we miss him!} and we headed home!  It was a great vacation!  


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