Tuesday, August 2, 2011

8 things.

1. I'm back to the world of couponing...well, sort of.  I actually remembered to get the paper this Sunday.  This allowed me to get some pretty awesome deals at Kroger and CVS.  Here's what I got:

Original price minus sales and coupons: $ 23.83.  I paid $6.33 and got 2 ECBs back for CVS-- a savings of 73% without the ECBs.  The diapers are for our upcoming vacation since I won't be doing cloth.

2.  Speaking of vacation-- we are getting SO excited to travel to Atlanta to see my sister and brother-in-law and to SC to see the rest of my family! :)  We really need the break.

3. Thomas' sleep is going SO much better.  This week we cut out the middle of the night feeding.  The first night involved about 35 minutes of tears on and off. BUT since then he slept all the way through twice on his own and went back to sleep within a few minutes the other night.  I am feeling SO much better and he is much more rested.  As for naps--it's a whole different story.  I have yet to figure out how to get him to sleep more than 45 minutes for naps.  It started about 1.5 months ago and has gotten progressively worse.  Oh well.  As long as he sleeps at night--I'll take it :)

4. We have SO much more laundry now that we have a baby.  I know it's only bound to get worse as he gets older.  The crazy thing is that since Thomas always seems to miss the burp rag, James and I go through SEVERAL shirts a day--and always smell like spit up. yum. Thankfully, the little bean is totally worth it!

5. Thomas is putting EVERYTHING in his mouth.  He is constantly looking for something to chew on--maybe he's teething?  We're not sure yet.  The moment we pick him up, he tries to suck/chew on your neck, shoulder, tshirt, etc.  It's really funny!

6. James is officially working on patients in the clinic!  CRAZY! Yesterday he did his first restoration.  He'll be a doctor before we know it!

7.  I have SO many things I want to sew--like this and this. Unfortunately, they are all for little girls.... It's a bit of a problem since we only have a boy!

8. Want to see a few more pictures of the bean?
chewing on the paci

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I see James more and more in Thomas- can't wait to see you guys!

  2. I tried the skinny cow BOGO candy too - I got the caramel things though. Super tasty. :) Nick makes so much fun of me for clipping coupons. Free money I say.

  3. I love the shirt ! He's on a great team ! - Papa