Friday, August 26, 2011

8 things {and lots of old pictures}.

1. Tomorrow is my darling husband's birthday!  We're celebrating by heading to the state fair while Nana watches the bean for the evening:)  Happy 24th to the love of my life.  Thanks so much for being a wonderful husband and loving father! What a crazy and awesome {over} 5 years together it has been!!  Looking forward to the next 50.
Summer Project {August 2006}

engagement {Nov. 2007}

wedding {May 2008}

White coat ceremony {Aug. 2009}

Snow Day {February 2010}

{April 2010}

Pegasus Parade {May 2010}

SC {July 2010}

Hawaii {July 2010}

Apple Picking {September 2010}

It's a BOY! {November 2010}

{December 2010}

28 weeks pregnant {January 2011}

Daddy and 9 day old Thomas {March 2011}

Celebrating James' birthday in SC {August 2011}

2. By the way, James got his braces on this week on top and bottom- double ouch!  He is definitely feeling the pain:(  BUT he will have super straight teeth and a perfect bite when he's done which are both good things for my almost dentist husband.  
3. We officially have a baby who sleeps 12 hours/ night without a feeding.  It's a beautiful thing to feel rested again!
4. I am STILL sick. Ugh. I sound like I have smoked my entire life {plus another 25 years}.  And I think I might have passed it on to Thomas {although it's a much milder form so far}.  Here's hoping that we both get better soon!
5. This article was really good and encouraging. You should read it.
6. I really want to sew and do crafts, but I really don't have the time, energy or money.  Hmmm....dilemma.
7.  I am thinking about saving my Christmas or birthday cash for one of these. There are soooooo many cool things you can do with it!
8. I think pinterest is one of the best inventions ever. seriously.  I love it.


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