Tuesday, August 30, 2011

one more reason...

to move back to Greenville: http://www.wyff4.com/r/29030640/detail.html

Louisville, you're great, but you've got nothing on SC:)


ps- new pictures of the little one coming soon!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

the state fair

James and I spent Saturday afternoon and evening at the State Fair while Nana and Scot babysat Thomas {thanks!}!  We had such a fun time and it felt good just to go do something fun together and not have to worry about feeding or taking care of a little one:)  This was my first fair {at least that I actually remember} and it did not disappoint.  There were all kinds of fun and crazy things- including a cool high dive act. And oh, the people watching was amazing! Seriously. And ridiculous.  Here are just a few snapshots of the night:
all made of balloons

we saw a lot of cattle. sheep, too.

the sheer amount of fried food to choose from was overwhelming.  we didn't try any of these {nor did we try the donut burger--no, i did not make that up}, but i couldn't resist taking a picture.

deep fried kool aide? hmm...not sure how that works

I got a smoked turkey leg, which actually wasn't very good {guess i don't love smoked meat} and I didn't eat very much of it. But it was HUGE.

waiting to ride the ferris wheel or as the ticket lady called it, "the wheel of love"

view from the top

we rode right at sunset which was perfect :)
The weather was especially perfect after sunset.  We really had a fabulous time walking around, eating cotton candy and laughing together :).  We also took one of those old time photos where they dress you up.  I've never done one before, but it turned out so great and so funny {as cheesy as they are}!  I am going to try to scan it at some point and post it.

I think James had a very happy birthday and I thoroughly enjoyed the date!


Friday, August 26, 2011

8 things {and lots of old pictures}.

1. Tomorrow is my darling husband's birthday!  We're celebrating by heading to the state fair while Nana watches the bean for the evening:)  Happy 24th to the love of my life.  Thanks so much for being a wonderful husband and loving father! What a crazy and awesome {over} 5 years together it has been!!  Looking forward to the next 50.
Summer Project {August 2006}

engagement {Nov. 2007}

wedding {May 2008}

White coat ceremony {Aug. 2009}

Snow Day {February 2010}

{April 2010}

Pegasus Parade {May 2010}

SC {July 2010}

Hawaii {July 2010}

Apple Picking {September 2010}

It's a BOY! {November 2010}

{December 2010}

28 weeks pregnant {January 2011}

Daddy and 9 day old Thomas {March 2011}

Celebrating James' birthday in SC {August 2011}

2. By the way, James got his braces on this week on top and bottom- double ouch!  He is definitely feeling the pain:(  BUT he will have super straight teeth and a perfect bite when he's done which are both good things for my almost dentist husband.  
3. We officially have a baby who sleeps 12 hours/ night without a feeding.  It's a beautiful thing to feel rested again!
4. I am STILL sick. Ugh. I sound like I have smoked my entire life {plus another 25 years}.  And I think I might have passed it on to Thomas {although it's a much milder form so far}.  Here's hoping that we both get better soon!
5. This article was really good and encouraging. You should read it.
6. I really want to sew and do crafts, but I really don't have the time, energy or money.  Hmmm....dilemma.
7.  I am thinking about saving my Christmas or birthday cash for one of these. There are soooooo many cool things you can do with it!
8. I think pinterest is one of the best inventions ever. seriously.  I love it.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

consignment shopping.

There's a little children's consignment shop close to us that has some awesome deals when the seasons change. They are having a really big sale right now on all of their summer stuff.  I went the other day with Thomas and got some great clothes for next summer, a few things for this summer and some things for my niece or nephew.  {Oh, have I mentioned that my sister is pregnant?!?!?  We are super thrilled to have another little one in the family!  She is due in February! YAY!}

Back to the deals-- Here's what I got:

I realize that it's not the best picture and that you can't really see it all....so here's a list for the curious:
  • 4 Children's Place polos
  • 2 pair of shorts {Ralph Lauren, BabyGap}
  • 3 tshirts {Nike, Carters, BabyGap}
  • 2 onesies {Children's Place, Janie and Jack}
  • 2 outfits {2 gymboree, 2 BabyGap}
  • a SwaddleMe for my niece/nephew :)
I spent $14.37 on ALL of that and SAVED $117.50 off of the consigned price--which would be SO much more off of the original prices! I love a great deal.  If you don't shop consignments, you should really check them out, especially during sales!


ps- I also got Thomas this new toy recently at a different consignment:

i think he likes it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

so long summer-- hello, fall!

This morning I took Thomas on a long walk at a local park.  I don't really feel too much better than yesterday {though the pressure on my face has calmed down some}, but I needed to get out of the house. Since the little bean hasn't been sleeping well for naps, we have had lots of extra time during the day to play {He did, however, sleep 13 hours last night!!  It was wonderful to sleep in a little!}.  There was a beautiful breeze blowing as we walked and it made me get excited for fall....even if today's high is 93.

I used to love summer.  I think because of where we live, my love of summer is subsiding.  The reasons that I used to love it are not really applicable anymore. 

For one, I no longer get a vacation from school, since I'm not in school or teaching!  I know some would argue that I am on vacation all the time since I am at home, but really I am working all the time-- staying at home is surprisingly harder than it looks!  And my dear husband doesn't get a long vacation either- since the dental school is that mean.  

I also no longer have unlimited access to a private swimming pool-- we still swim when we visit my parents, but I used to pretty much live in the pool.  No, really.  I think I'm part fish.  And that's one huge reason that I didn't mind it being hot.  If I was too sweaty, I would just go swimming.   

I used to love summer because of all the produce in my dad's garden- hello, fresh salsa!  But, we are too far away to benefit from the bounty this year.  

I also absolutely LOVE going to the beach in the summer.  This year= no beach.  Actually, that's not really true.  My parents are taking us all at Christmas to Isle of Palms since we didn't have time off to go this summer!  Aren't they the best?!? So, I guess-- this summer=no beach.   We are too far {boo for being landlocked} to just go spend a long weekend at the beach.

All of these things {plus my love of jackets}, have made me quite ready for fall this year!  As Thomas is getting older, we are able to do more and have more fun!  I think this fall might just be the best one yet!


ps- surprise, surprise-- thomas is sleeping past 45 minutes???  I guess I finally wore him out!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sleepy boy

Where did my little 6 lb. baby go?  This cannot be him!
sleepy boy

We had a pretty chill day today-- only leaving the house to return some library books that had to go back today.  I have been feeling progressively worse since last night.  I'm pretty sure it's either allergies {which i almost never have a problem with} or a sinus infection.  Of course, today was a 45 minute nap day when i needed rest :). Oh well!  At least, Thomas was good when he was awake and his daddy is home now and putting him to bed!  I'm hoping a good night's sleep and some hot tea will help mend my sore throat and throbbing face!


Monday, August 22, 2011

5 months!

I can't believe that 5 months has come and gone!  Wow!  I remember when Thomas was a newborn thinking we would never get to this point.  But here we are!  It is such a joy to have this little boy for a son. 

Thomas is smiling and laughing up a storm, still as well-behaved and happy as ever and sleeping 12 hours each night with no feedings! We are so blessed.  He usually takes 3 or 4 naps a day.  We had completely gone down to 3 until they became 45 minutes each and I had a cranky baby on my hands!  So, on the 45 minute days, he takes 4.  He has finally had a few longer naps here and there, so i am hoping that he will get back into that habit.  We'll see!  

Thomas is so much more aware and is really starting to love playing with his toys! He absolutely LOVES his bath and spends the entire time kicking and splashing his daddy.  He loves listening to songs and is very ticklish.  Thomas also likes any game you play with him {peekaboo, patty-cake, etc.} and smiles the moment he gets attention.  He puts EVERYTHING he can get his hands on in his mouth, though his favorite "toys" are still his own hands!   

He has mastered chewing on his thumb.

Or just two fingers...

Or maybe three?

 Why not both hands?

He is still not a big fan of tummy time, though the paci often helps it last longer.  

So, now we are tackling month 6 and I just can't believe it! Every month just gets better and better!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Greenville, SC {picture overload}

After our time in ATL, we ventured to Greenville to hang out with my parents for the rest of the week!  While we were there we swam, shopped, celebrated James' birthday {early}, and just enjoyed hanging out together! We even met up with some friends for lunch who used to live in Louisville and just moved to Greenville.
Thomas LOVES to stand-- it's all he wants to do lately!

On birthdays in the Farnum household, the guest of honor gets to choose whatever meal they want made, including dessert.  James chose fish and clam stew which my dad slaved away over.  It was one of my grandpa's recipes and it tasted SO GOOD. 

For dessert, he asked for apple pie {yes, it was missing a piece-- my grandma had to leave a little early, so mom sent one with her} and vanilla ice cream

James left on Friday morning to drive to Ohio for a wedding {Congrats Chris and Cassandra}!  I stayed in Greenville with Thomas until Sunday when we rode back to ATL with Jen and Joey and flew home.  Thomas did fabulously on the plane.  I was nervous about it since we took off right around his bedtime. But, he fell asleep for the first 30 minutes or so-- and charmed the other passengers with his smile the rest of the time.  No crying or anything!  Thankfully, the flight was only about 1.5 hours.  James picked us up {Boy, did we miss him!} and we headed home!  It was a great vacation!  


Friday, August 19, 2011

the rest of ATL

So, I'm behind on the whole recount of our trip to ATL and SC, but I've been quite busy working on things around the house and getting Thomas back on a normal schedule.

Here's the rest of our ATL trip in pictures:

We had Menchies TWICE in the few days that we were there- because it's that good!

Thomas looks scared in this picture, but he was actually have a grand old time with his aunt making him laugh:)

Chef Joey cooked up some fabulous meals-- we visited the Dekalb Farmer's Market for some of the ingredients.  It was AMAZING.  I would seriously shop there weekly if we were in the area!

And, of course, we spent time relaxing and playing with the little bean!

We also did some swimming and shopping.  Oh, and we ate here.  SO GOOD.  So, that's the trip.  It was super fun.  Thanks Jen and Joey for showing us such a great time!  We can't wait to come back :)