Friday, July 1, 2011

a week in review

The baby is sleeping, the cloth diapers are outside drying and I am drinking a lovely cup of hot tea!  I spent the late morning out with a friend and her daughter grabbing lunch and shopping, got laundry started, emptied the dishwasher and am finally sitting down to relax.

A lot has been going on this week.  For one, we started the journey of cloth diapering!  Since we finally ran out of disposables (well, almost, I have like 8 more) and we have a stash of the bumgenius cloth diapers, I thought we should get going.  No point in buying more diapers!  I also had a friend recently give me her stash of diapers, so now we have plenty! What a blessing!  I must admit that the bean's tush looks even cuter (can you imagine that?) in cloth.  And so far they have done a MUCH better job at holding everything in- who knew?  Plus, they are seriously mega easy.  My first load of them are currently drying out in the sunshine :)  

Yesterday I made some delicious cinnamon rolls all the way from scratch- with yeast and everything!  Can you tell that I am proud?  They turned out wonderfully and are even freezer friendly, so I have two pans in there waiting to thaw, rise and bake when we want them! YUM. I am planning to share the recipe and some pictures with you soon.

I've also been working on doing a bit of freezer cooking.  Since I don't have time to devote a whole day to it (I don't think Thomas would go for this!), I've been doing just a little each week.  Sometimes it's really easy things like trimming chicken and putting it in marinade so that when I take it out of the freezer it's ready for the grill.  But I've found that it really helps me when I don't feel motivated to cook.  So far this past month I've made and frozen lots of chicken in different homemade marinades, shish kabobs with chicken, peppers, mushrooms, and onions, Santa Fe soup, garlic bread, cinnamon rolls, tuna patties (James calls these the poor man's crab-cake but they are seriously good and very healthy), turkey meatballs in sauce, and a new recipe that is like chicken pot pie.  Since James doesn't eat cheese, we don't eat many casseroles, but I have found that there are many freezer friendly dishes that are cheese-less!

This week (actually it just started yesterday) Thomas has really started to get his thumb in his mouth.  He used to try to suck on his hand when he had tummy time, but now he can bring his hand to his mouth unassisted on his back.  Although, he's still not coordinated enough to keep it there long and sometimes he still smacks himself in the face which is really cute. Since he now knows he can do it, he is obsessed- that is all that he wants to do!  This morning I went in to wake him at 7:30 and he was already up, had wiggled out of his swaddle and was quietly trying desperately to get his hand in his mouth.  I don't know how long he was awake!  I am actually really excited for him to be able to do this because I think it will help him sleep better.  He would love to suck on his paci all night, but we don't let him because when it falls out, he wakes up.  And it ALWAYS falls out at some point.  But if he sucked his thumb, he could put it back in himself!  We'll see what happens.

James is studying HARD these next 3 weeks and then he has to take Step 1 of the boards.  Neither of us are very excited about the days ahead since he will be SO busy- BLAH. But we are taking a short trip tomorrow to see my sweet friend from college and her husband! So I am very excited about that! Ok, I think that's it for now. 


ps- here are some Thomas faces for good measure:)

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