Tuesday, July 5, 2011

unexpected. unforgettable. {the Columbus, IN motto}

This past Saturday, we drove up to Columbus, Indiana to meet up with my bff from college and her husband who were in Indy visiting family.  We had such a great time talking, laughing and having them meet Thomas {he, of course, loved them by the way}!  I love that we can go for months without seeing each other and just pick right up where we left off.  I love that distance {they live in FL} doesn't mean we can't stay friends. I love that our husbands like each other! I love that one day we are planning to be neighbors!

Anyway, we ate breakfast at a little deli in town, strolled around a farmer's market and went to a nearby park to hang out in the shade....and do a little photo shoot:

Laura and Matt, we miss you already!



  1. So fun! I'm glad you could get together! So maybe we can all be neighbors one day?? :)