Monday, July 4, 2011

tummy time @ 3.5 months.

Thomas' hatred for tummy time is steadily growing.  It's about the only time that he fusses! And for some strange reason he feels the need to try to eat the blanket that he lays on rather than practice holding up his head.  This, of course, frustrates him to no end!  On the boppy he does a bit better, but I still only get faces like these:

Put him on his back though and you will most definitely get one of these:

He is seriously super smiley these days and we are loving it.  There is just nothing better than a big gummy smile!  Well, except a laugh- which I am eagerly waiting on!

We have officially dropped the swaddle {went cold turkey as of 2 days ago} and Thomas decided he liked it so much that he would sleep through the night last night!  It was wonderful not to even have to crawl out of bed once. I would really love it if he would keep that up!  We'll see.  Today, however, he had trouble napping unswaddled because he is really wanting his hand in his mouth and it frustrates him.  Since he almost never cries before nap, I walked in to check on him and found him crying with him thumb hooked in the side of his cheek.  He just can't seem to figure out how to get it into the middle of his mouth to suck on it.  I hope he learns this very soon!

Anyway, for the 4th James studied and I painted {new project pictures coming soon}- exciting and patriotic, i know.  We did grill out for lunch and we decided to skip the fireworks this year...maybe next year Thomas can actually enjoy them?


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