Thursday, July 7, 2011

project ugly shelf.

i got the sudden urge the other day to start working on some of the projects i've been putting off since little Thomas came into our lives.  i am getting a bit more sleep these days and just feeling all around a bit more adjusted to being a mom.  

This shelf that resides at the end of our hallway was just dying for a makeover.  It's not real wood. Shocker, i know.  You would think they could make artificial wood grain look a bit better.  I finally decided that I just didn't want to look at its ugly self anymore and since I already had the paint and the baby was sleeping, i got right to work.

Before {i had already removed the shelves}

New paint {which was still partially wet as you can see. oh, and sorry for the bad lighting. i took this picture at night}
So, I'm not in love with what's on it yet- still a work in progress

I think it's definitely an improvement, right? This is not a shelf that I will keep forever, but for now it works :) 

I've already started working on the next project- blackout curtains for Thomas' room. One panel done, three to go.



  1. I love little improvements. :) Btw, I spy a cute fake IKEA plant on top... I've contemplated buying that many times!

  2. Looks great! You will love having black out curtains for Thomas. They made a big difference for Jackson!