Wednesday, July 20, 2011

linen closet organization & 4 month stats

Today I started working on a project while Thomas napped.  Somehow all of my nesting work while pregnant got "undone" pretty quickly when we brought a newborn into the house. So, now that life is a bit more manageable with a 4 month old and I am getting a bit more sleep, I thought I better get things back under control.  Here is what our linen closet looked like when I got started:

 YIKES.  Since we have no storage in our bathroom, this closet houses everything from towels to toiletries.  The organizer on the door was something I had in my closet in college- only this door is too small for it as you can see. 

So, I basically just went through one shelf at a time and took out anything we hadn't used in the last 2 years of living here {because chances are we wouldn't use it in the next 2!}.  Then I stacked up what was left neatly and used some plastic boxes that I snagged at Target for $6 for 5!  What a deal!  Even though it's not super drastic, I feel much better about it!

I also snagged some pictures of our 4 month old bean.  He actually turned 4 months on Monday! Can you believe it?  We headed to the doctor yesterday for his checkup and another round of shots, which he actually did quite well for. Here's where Thomas stands:  
Weight: 16lbs. 15 oz. {75th percentile}
Height: 25 inches {50th percentile}
Head: 16.5 inches {80th percentile}

He jumped from the 5th  percentile in height at one month to the 50th at four months! That's a LOT of growing.  He also jumped up percentiles in weight and head circumference!  The doctor said everything was right on track and he was doing great :)  Thankfully we have two more months before we have to head back.

On to the pictures.  I pulled out the highchair {we were graciously given} today to see what Thomas thought of it.  I think he liked being higher off the ground where he could see more.  He even watched me make my lunch as I talked with him.  
Happy boy
 Then I gave him some toys to play with while I worked in the kitchen for a few minutes.
hmm...what should I do with this moose?

Eat it, of course!

Anyway, James is currently taking the National Board exam that he has been studying for for weeks!  He will be finished within the hour and we are planning to spend the next 4 days before he starts back in clinic just relaxing.  I am so proud of all of his hard work- he really deserves a break!

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