Monday, May 16, 2011

so much to catch up on...

In the past few weeks, we have been super busy! Here's what we've been up to lately:
  • James finished up his sophomore year of dental school!!!  He had a small break (a week and a half) and just went back today to start his junior year.  I am so proud of all of his hard work!!!  We are halfway through :)  YAHOO!
  • On J's break, we went to SC for a few days!  Thomas' first road trip went surprisingly well.  The only real inconvenience is that we had to stop twice to feed him- it only took us about an hour extra to get there.  We had a blast hanging out with the family and Thomas enjoyed meeting the rest of his aunts and uncles and one of his great-grandmas! And of course he got lots of snuggles in with Oma and Papa!

  • We celebrated my first Mother's Day in SC!  Thomas got me beautiful roses and even brought me coffee and a doughnut for breakfast :)  I'm thankful for a thoughtful husband!

  • Due to the trip, Thomas has been pretty off schedule, so now we are trying to get him back on it.  We have been putting him down awake in his crib for nap and bed and he does surprisingly well!  Usually no crying or maybe just for a minute, BUT he is starting to wake up from his naps early and he can't seem to resettle himself. Blah.  Could be a growth spurt? I'm not sure, but he will usually take a full feeding early.  I am trying to figure out if that's the cause or not....we will see!  He is certainly growing like a weed!  Some of his 0-3 month clothes are now too short! As for sleeping through the night, we aren't there yet.  During and a few days after our trip, he was getting up twice a night again to eat, but last night he was back to just once a night! Praise the Lord! I am hoping this keeps up!
  • Thomas is rolling!!!!!!  I couldn't really believe it.  He actually rolled once at about 5 weeks from his tummy to his back.  I thought it was a total fluke since that's really early to roll.  Two and a half weeks later, he starting rolling again- much more often.  It's totally an accident for him and it usually occurs right at the beginning of tummy time.  I think he gets too tired to arch his back the way he has to to do it after he's played a bit.  Regardless, we are proud :) and glad that he is getting stronger.  He is so much better at holding up his neck too!
  • Ok, one more thing on the babe- he will be 2 months old on Wednesday.  Boy, that's so hard to believe!  His 2 month appt. is on Thursday and i am super curious to see how much he's grown!  I'm sure it's quite a bit:) 
  • I turned 25 last Thursday!  The number sounds old to me, but I don't really feel any different.  We celebrated in SC with my family and then James planned a great day here too- complete with lunch out and shopping (while his mom babysat Thomas) and a delicious dinner completely made by him!  I didn't have to do a thing!  It was such a fabulous day thanks to my wonderful husband! I already spent some of my birthday money on some new things for my living room.  I LOVE it already, but I am waiting for one more thing to be delivered and then I will post pictures!
That's about it! Phew...I have a lot more pictures that I might post sometime, but for now I am off to feed the babe one more time before bed!  



  1. Don't be distressed about his routine happens ALOT at his age because he's growing and needs different things all the time. You just have to go with the flow...and I'm jealous you only have to get up once with him at night. Jackson was over a year old before he was sleeping through the night!

  2. I am sooo glad to see you posting again- It is so much fun to read about everything!!