Saturday, April 30, 2011

in the Moby with Daddy...

It's been beautiful here the last 2 days- the calm after all the crazy storms we've been having.  Yesterday afternoon James took a break from studying and we took Thomas on a walk!  

Not sure he wants to put his head down yet...

still thinking about it...

Well, alright :)
Thomas wanted to keep his head out and look around for a few minutes. As we started walking, he promptly fell asleep (as usual!) and James tucked his head inside.  I think we all enjoyed a bit of time out in the great weather!

As for sleeping, Thomas has been doing pretty well.  He had 3 great nights of 5 hour stretches (which means I am only up once around 3am or 4am and then get to sleep until 6:30am or 7am- GLORIOUS) and then went back for one night to eating every 3 hours (= very tired mama)!  I am pretty sure that he is in a growth spurt because he has been waking up early from his naps to eat and eating more frequently in general.  Last night, he did one 4.5 hour stretch so I was pretty happy about that!  We are just taking it one day at a time.  Thankfully, he usually naps pretty well during the day too :)

Well, i've got some things to get done before the little one wakes back up to eat and then we are going to take a long walk in the sunshine! Happy Saturday!


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