Monday, April 25, 2011

a few random pictures of the day to day!

Here's a part of our new nightly routine before bed.  Thomas loves listening to his daddy's voice and falls asleep within minutes!

I tried the Moby wrap today for the first time (thanks Laura!)!  We had to wait until he weighed at least 8 lbs. which he has surpassed and can I tell you that he LOVES it?  He feels so safe and close to Mama that he instantly falls asleep- perfect for shopping!  We have a Baby Bjorn carrier that we have used, but he easily gets fussy in it because of the position of his head.  I think he will like that one more when he gets older and can look out.  BUT for now the Moby  is PERFECT!  I would highly recommend this to anyone with an infant:) 

Hanging out with Daddy :)

Loving on Mama

Looking snazzy in his cute outfit

The next 3 pictures are just some of the expressions we often get from Thomas!  He is smiling already, but not really at us yet- it's more spontaneous.  We are looking forward to seeing his social smile soon :)

On that note, it's time for a nap!



  1. Love the new pics! Isn't being a mommy the best job EVER!!!??

  2. I love looking at the photos! Thomas is just too cute! And so are his parents!