Monday, March 14, 2011

A Tale of Two Cities: two

I pulled into a parking lot in Columbia, SC to meet up with some other students who were also traveling to project.  My parents felt better about me going if I wasn't driving the 10 hour trip on my own and I felt better knowing that I would at least get to know someone before I got there.

I slowly got out of the car and awkwardly starting talking to a few of the students and their parents who were dropping them off.  Surprisingly, we got along quite easily, knew some of the same people and I started to feel a little bit better about the summer ahead.  We packed into the cars and continued the trip to FL.

There were a few other girls from SC that I immediately liked and I realized that we actually had a lot in common.  What I didn't know is I would find some amazing friends on project and two of my closest ones were in the car with me.

That night we stopped in Daytona to sleep at one of the girl's houses and drive her to project.
SC people...and Jessica :)

That night as I fell asleep, I started thinking, maybe I would make some really great friends.  Maybe I wouldn't spend the summer wishing I was back home.  Maybe God was going to do something great. 

The next morning we pulled up to Sunrise Resort North in Clearwater Beach, our home for the summer.

It wasn't like any place I'd ever stayed, but it had its own tacky charm.  Staff members in bright blue t-shirts came up to the cars to help us get our things and find our rooms.  I was SO relieved to find out that I would be rooming with Heyward, one of the girls that I had traveled with.  Our room for the summer was tiny.  It had a microwave(which would call for creative cooking!), mini-fridge, a bathroom where you could take a shower, use the toilet and wash your hands at the same time and some very funny decor.  There were no real curtains in the room, just shades and someone's painted on interpretation of a curtain above the window.  There was tacky stenciling on the walls.  Home.  It didn't look anything like my home. But it would have to do.

That evening we all had dinner around the pool. I started meeting more people. There were only 10 guys there and about 30 girls. Not good odds, I thought,  it won't be too hard to not be distracted this summer.  

But there was one guy who immediately intrigued me.  He was very good looking with curly brown hair and he was from Kentucky. Had I ever even been to that state before?  From afar I could tell that he had a good sense of humor, he was already making everyone around him laugh.  

But It didn't matter, I wasn't here to find a boyfriend.  

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