Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Tale of Two Cities: three

It didn't take long for me to love being on summer project.  I didn't feel lonely like I thought I might. Instead, I had already made lifelong girlfriends that I could be vulnerable with and who pointed me towards the gospel in every situation.  I didn't spend the summer wishing I was at home, but kept thinking, I hope this summer never ends. And I started to believe that God was working in my heart and had led me to project for a reason. As I thought back to my apprehension about going, I could no longer identify with those feelings.

God was definitely teaching me new things and renewing the meaning in things that I already knew.  I was learning how to live in more genuine community, how to lead a group of women, how to share the gospel clearly, how to rely on the Holy Spirit and a host of other life-changing things. 

Over the course of the next few weeks, I got to know that guy from Kentucky a little better. His name was James Bush and he spent the summer working for a piping company.  In fact, every co-ed team or activity we were on, he seemed to be with me. We were put on a scavenger hunt team together, went bowling together for tacky bowling night, ended up on outreach team together and were in the same family group.

Scavenger Hunt

Switching shoes during bowling. I call that flirting.

Tacky Bowling
Outreach Team

Family Group
But mostly I just watched him intently from afar.  He would tell you that I "made eyes at him" all summer and that's true, but I just wasn't really sure what to think about him.  We didn't really have any in depth conversations and we didn't really hang out outside of the groups we were in most of the summer, but I was definitely still attracted to him. 

Unlike many of the students on project, I never stayed out late and hung out around the pool.  My bff Shannon and I had been working at Chick-fil-a for the summer.

We had to open most mornings.  And that meant leaving for work around 4:30am! Yikes! What were we thinking?  Surprisingly, we not only survived, but made the experience really fun.  We definitely had some interesting co-workers and lots of free food! The perk of working so early was that we got off really early too and had most of the afternoon free, but by the time evening rolled around, we were more than exhausted.

A few weeks before project ended, I decided to stay out late one night by the pool and I'm so glad that I did...


  1. this is soooo much fun to read- and what an encouragment to see God at work in your life- YAY! Just don't have Thomas before you finish this- we need to know the end of the story...hahaha!!! love you both!

  2. Enjoying your love story, Rebekah! (I have to say, when I read the part about switching bowling shoes, I thought it said you switched during drunk bowling & I was like what kind of project was she on?! haha, I reread, saw my mistake :) )