Saturday, March 12, 2011

A tale of two cities: one

{I give full credit to Mr. Dickens for the clever title.}

It was just a few weeks before I was supposed to pack up my car and drive all the way to Clearwater Beach, FL for summer project with Campus Crusade. 

As I sat in my dorm room at the end of my sophomore year of college, I began thinking- 
How in the world did I let my Bible study leader talk me into this?  I've spent summers away from home before, but to go to a new state without a soul that I know from Clemson, I must be crazy.

It was a very last minute decision for me to go on summer project and I hadn't even finished raising the support I needed to be able to go.  I sat there that night praying if God didn't want me to go that He would not provide the rest of the support in time.  And I secretly wished that He wouldn't.

My Crusade friends were more excited for the opportunity ahead.  More than once someone told me, "you might meet a really cute guy this summer or your future husband."  It was usually in a joking sense, but I knew it had happened before.  My best friend came back from project the summer before with a steady boyfriend and while I appreciated their sentiments, I had already decided I was not "looking for love" in Clearwater.  I told several of my friends, "I will NOT come home with a boyfriend at the end of this." I wanted the summer to be without distractions and I knew that if I went hoping to find love, I would spend the whole summer thinking about it.  So, I put the notion completely out of my mind.

The school semester came to a close and I headed home still wondering what God had in store for me.  I had a few weeks before I had to be down in FL, but I was still waiting to see if I would even be going.  The day before our final support was due, I got several checks in the mail.  God not only provided for me to go,  I had more than I needed.  I suddenly had a nervous feeling in my stomach.  I knew that it was confirmation that Clearwater was where I needed to be, but I still had my doubts.

So, I packed up my things for the summer, said goodbye to my parents and got into my car. 

I still didn't know why I was going to FL.  I didn't know what God had in store for me. And I certainly wasn't excited about not knowing anyone when I got there.   With tears streaming down my face, I pulled out of my parent's driveway and headed south.  I prayed as I drove-
God, please let this summer be about you and me. I want to grow and learn and lean on you more. Open my heart to what you have for me and please don't let me be distracted by anything.

The summer ahead ended up being nothing like I had anticipated.


  1. How sweet! I'm sure glad you went!!

  2. Well, I know I'm glad you went to Clearwater! If you hadn't, we wouldn't have met and that would be very sad. I would've had to drive to Chick-fil-a at 4:30 every morning without you! :( I remember when you and James started hanging out around the pool at night, haha. And you talking about him ALL the way back to SC! haha You, my sweet friend, are such a blessing and I think about and pray for you often. love you!