Wednesday, March 9, 2011

bed rest: week one

I am 36 and 1/2 weeks pregnant and officially on bed rest until little T makes his appearance.  At last Wednesday's appointment my bp was back up and while it's not high enough to be considered preeclampsia and I have no other signs of it currently, the doctor thinks it could easily head that way.  It was really sad to leave my appt. and go pick up my mom from the airport only to tell here that I could not do ANYTHING except lay on the couch or bed while she was here:(  And even though it was hard for me, it was SUCH a HUGE blessing to have her come right when she did.  The Lord knew that we needed her badly.  She spent her 6 days here hanging out with me, finishing our chair cover, washing baby clothes, teaching me to crochet (which is helping to keep me sane), running errands, cooking dinners for us and cleaning!  And she was a HUMONGOUS help!  Thanks mom- I am not sure we would have made it through this past week without you!!  Don't you want to come back sooner? :) We decided to wait on painting the furniture for Thomas' room- I will get to that one day when I am home with him!

So, it's officially been one week since I have been stuck on bed rest. And yes, I do mean stuck. :)  I've been back to the doc once for a quick check- my bp is still elevated when I am up and about, but since I didn't see my doctor, I didn't get a lot of questions answered.  Hopefully on Thursday I will have an idea about if they will induce me early or at least a bit of a timeline since I'll be full-term this weekend!!! Thomas is doing well- healthy and heart-beating at 140 bpm- praise the Lord! I have another ultrasound to check on him on Thursday and I am pretty excited to see him again! :)  

I think the hardest thing for me so far is having to ask for everything that I need.  My mom and James have been so incredibly sweet to take such good care of me, but I never realized how hard it can be to accept such a great amount of help.  I think the Lord is greatly humbling my spirit during this time.  Now that my mom is back home, our community group has offered to bring meals for us so that J isn't having to cook each night on top of everything else!  It's such a blessing to see the body of Christ taking care of us and we love them dearly!  

So that's what has happened here in the past week!  Whew...  

We are definitely even more anxiously awaiting the birth of our son now since I will be on bed rest until he comes!  And we appreciate your prayers during this time!

I've thought about some new things I might blog about while I am down for the count.  I mean, I've got the time, right? :) More on that to come...



  1. Sorry about bedrest Rebekah! Jackson was born at 36 1/2 weeks and was perfectly healthy and 7lbs 15oz!! Just pray that Thomas picks the perfect time to enter the world! I'll be praying that the time passes quickly for you and that you have a great labor and delivery! Love ya Cuz!

  2. Hey Rebekah...
    I am so sorry that you are having to rest! I did it for one weekend with the twins and I realized how, like you said, it can be so hard to accept help. I will be thinking of you. I hope you also find some really good books to read.

  3. Thinking about you, Rebekah!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that, Rebekah. On a brighter side, try to relax and enjoy the time "off" now... you certainly will be busy once he makes his arrival. Praying for you!!! :)

  5. Hang in there Rebekah and try to enjoy the rest. My thoughts and prayers are always with you, Thomas, and Brad! Love ya!!

  6. Yay for making it to 36.5 weeks!!!

    So sorry to hear you are on bed rest, though. It was awful. I was on bedrest for a total of 3 months (before and after). I couldn't do anything the weeks/months before I had Iain as the pain made it unbearable to even move my arms (no crocheting, writing...I did type some...but it was painful!...oh...the lovely memories). was all totally worth it! Praying you aren't in any pain! Hang in there!!! It'll totally be worth it (yeah...I know you already know that :-) ).

  7. Rebekah your uncle David and I are praying for you. We're glad to hear that your church family is taking care of you and speaking as a mother, I know your mom was probably very very happy that she was there the exact time you had to start your bedrest.