Thursday, March 10, 2011

bed rest: an update

Thanks so, so much for all the sweet thoughts and prayers! We are really appreciating them!

Bed rest update:  I went back to the doctor today.  I feel like I practically live there!  Anyway, this visit was filled with better news- my blood pressure was back down!  Geez!  The good news is that my doctor thinks that bed rest is really helping and I'm not heading toward preeclampsia currently like she thought.  The bad news is that that means I still have to stay on it! Blah!  But, I really can't complain (as much anyway) because she okayed me to do some new sitting up things like going to the movies or even possibly out to eat as long as my bp is normal before I go.  I still have to have James check my bp daily and I am not allowed to do standing activities like cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.  Surprisingly, I really miss those things and just being able to do what I want. But, I feel a little bit encouraged with what she said and the chance to get out, even if it is just a little!  They won't be inducing me early as of right now- we are just going to wait and see.  She thought there was a good possibility that he will come early on his own!  Boy, would I be happy about that! Oh, and I don't have to go back for another week! Yay! So, that's the latest!

If you read yesterday's post, I have been thinking about things to blog about since I'm confined to the couch and I had an idea: I have a friend from college that has been writing out her and her husband's story in a series called "Texas Heart" and I LOVE reading it.   Plus, they just had a precious baby girl!  Seriously, she is such a great writer and so I know ours wouldn't be quite as good, but I thought it could be fun!  I know a lot of people who don't know about how James and I met and ended up getting married when they find out that we didn't go to college together, we aren't from the same hometown, and we had no mutual friends prior to us meeting! So, what do you think?  Is that something you would be interested in reading? :) Would love your honest thoughts!



  1. Yes! (Bet you didn't have any idea I read your blog) I love ready GA's story and I'm sure yours will be just as sweet and encouraging. Start writing!

  2. I always love reading your blog, even if I already know the story! So glad you got a good report from the doc today! Love you guys!!

  3. I like reading anything you write- go for it!! and yay for the good report from the doctor.

  4. I'll read it and enjoy it- even if I already know a lot of it! Love you!! :)

  5. Yes please! So glad to hear you have a bit more freedom. James mentioned ya'll might be hitting a few movies. I don't know if you have ever been to Village 8 on Dutchman's (just off of Breckenridge)but they show older releases for 3/4 bucks or 2 bucks on Tuesdays... I love cheap movies!!! It is also super clean ;)