Friday, March 11, 2011

bed rest: day 9 musings

I may or may not be certifiably insane when I finish with this bed rest thing. I feel absolutely horrible for people who have to do it for months and am praising God that it's not that long!  I'm not sure I could make it.  My sweet husband said today that he wants his wife back and I very much agree.  He didn't realize how much I do around our house to keep it tidy and homey. I keep trying to remind myself that it's just a few more weeks at the most, but it's still incredibly depressing....BUT I know the Lord will sustain us through this time, so I am clinging to that!

I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow.  I am going to try to get a very quick belly picture since I haven't in so long.  I feel like I'm huge, but compared to many pregnant people I see, I'm really not that big.  

Our church is memorizing Romans 8 during the lent season (a verse a day) and even though I won't be able to be there, we decided that we are going to try to do it.  I used to memorize so much scripture when I was younger and I have really gotten out of the discipline of it.  The memorizing started on Wednesday.  I've got verse 1 and 2 down and need to learn 3 today.  Thankfully, I already knew verse 1, so it was an easier start than I'd planned!  I'm praying God will give us the stamina to finish the challenge (since 40 verses seems pretty daunting!).  

Last, but not least, check back later for the start of my new series...which I still can't think of a name for!


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