Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh, Happy Day!!!!!

On Wednesday, this is going to be delivered to my door:

Yes, it's true! I am SO excited. No seriously, SO excited!  We have been married almost 3 years and have never had a dishwasher.  Let me just say that I will never live anywhere, ANYWHERE without one again!  Now, I won't have to spend hours of my week scrubbing dishes!  Praise the Lord! I don't even care that it will have to sit in our dining room when it's not hooked up and that I might have to rearrange furniture to make it fit because it's a bit bulky. I am just SO thrilled to have my very own dishwasher. Ahhh, the good life!


PS: I am 33 weeks pregnant (woah!) and had a blast at the baby shower this past and a post all about it to come! Stay tuned:)


  1. AWESOME! We've lived in a couple apartments with no dishwasher. Such a time-waster having to do all those dishes. Yay for having more time for things that REALLY matter!

  2. Jealous jealous jealous jealous!!!!