Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No motivation...

Here is the current state of my kitchen sink:

Pathetic, I know. But ever since we ordered this, my motivation for washing dishes has "gone down the drain"- so to speak.  Not to mention that I am supposed to be resting, right?  And poor hubby is too busy to even think about dishes!  He barely has time to shower this week! GE called to confirm that it will be arriving between 9:30-11:30 am tomorrow!  HOLLAR!  Now I will already have a full load to try it out:)  At least, that's what I keep telling myself....

Oh, and I bought this for the first time in my life.

There were so many options at the store and I didn't know a thing about any of them, so hopefully this will work out well.  Of course, I had a coupon for it. The capsules of detergent seemed way easier, but I'm cheap:)

Here's to no more wrinkly hands,


  1. YAY for no more dishes!!! One secret with the detergent is - you only need a very little- like a TBSP- but one thing that is important is JET DRY. It helps a ton! love you!

  2. It's looks like my kitchen sink and I have a dishwasher! LOL