Monday, February 14, 2011

NKY baby shower

On Saturday, we headed up to NKY for a super fun baby shower given by Sara, James' sister with the help of my Mother-in-law! Thanks so much girls for all the hard work! It was beautiful and SO fun! It took place in the upper room at a super cute restaurant called The All in Cafe. There was so much good food and we were so blessed by all the wonderful friends and family that attended! Thanks to everyone for their generosity! Without further ado, here are a few pictures:

Mom B reading out the answers for a game where you had to guess the prices of different baby items

Sara handing out the prizes :)- {notice the cute decorations in the background}

I did a lot of fun present opening for sweet Thomas :)

some guests watching the action:)

Me with the hostess, Aunt Sara

Nana and some sweet family that came

I had the best time seeing people again and we got so many wonderful gifts for Thomas. Now, we are almost officially ready for his arrival!!


ps- my google account is saying I don't have anymore room to post pictures because I have used up my 1GB of free space. any ideas how to fix this without buying space? I will be working on this- I also want to post a picture of the outside of the cafe, but am having trouble....

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  1. What fabulous pictures of a great event! I am so sad to have missed it. So cool too that it was in the home where James' grandpa grew up- extra special for sure!